POWER [January 1, 2016]

Cover Stories

Big Data and the Industrial Internet Meet the Power Plant

Another megatrend has hit the power generation industry: the Internet of Things (IoT)—countless devices with embedded electronics, sensors, and connectivity to digitally communicate with one another and

I4GEN: EPRI's Power Plant of Tomorrow Concept

The power industry is challenged by many changes in generating portfolio, operating mission profiles, grid interconnections, customer engagement, and a workforce that is losing knowledge and experience to

Natural Gas Prices, Regulation to Reshape U.S. Generation

The near-simultaneous surge in U.S. natural gas production and recent enactment of environmental regulations will usher U.S. power supply from reliance on coal to increased usage of natural gas and renewables

Record Changes and Uncertainty Reshape the U.S. Utility Industry

Wind production in the U.S. hit record highs in October 2015, natural gas prices hit record lows, and solar photovoltaic (PV) adoption is continuing to grow to unprecedented levels. Energy storage prices are

The Generating Company Challenge: Manage Change While Maintaining Reliability

In mid-November, current members of POWER’ s Generating Company Advisory Team responded by email to a set of questions about their concerns, challenges, and new initiatives as they plan for the year ahead


Oil- and Gas-Rich UAE Banks on Nuclear Power

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country flush with fossil fuels, so why does its government want nuclear power to form the backbone of its electricity supply? POWER interviewed…

Risk Management: Using Resilience Engineering to Develop a More Reliable Workforce

All power generating companies and plant operators value reliability, but they may be paying too little attention to a critical variable: people. One million. That’s the approximate number of people…

The Energy Industry in Xinjiang, China: Potential, Problems, and Solutions

The autonomous region of Xinjiang has an important strategic position in China’s economy—which consumes more energy than any other nation—yet several conditions limit the most effective use of its fuels.…

The Energy Industry in Xinjiang, China: Potential, Problems, and Solutions [PRINT VERSION]

The autonomous region of Xinjiang has a strategic position in China’s economy, yet several conditions limit the most effective use of its fuels. This article provides an overview of the…

Transforming Information Technology at the South Texas Project Nuclear Plant

In today’s world, it’s hard to operate a power plant without the benefit of information technology (IT) systems. Staff tasked with managing these systems can take a beating when the…

Wireless Sensor Technology Measures Torsional Shaft Vibration in Turbine Generators

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), in conjunction with Suprock Technologies, has conducted a research project to develop and demonstrate an advanced wireless sensor technology for monitoring torque



Engage the Next Generation of Energy Leaders

Millennials have landed in the workforce. This is the generation that marketing and lifestyle gurus have been attempting to dissect, and now senior executives are starting to internalize what all…

Legal & Regulatory

Clean Power Plan Means Opportunities for Power Plants

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the final version of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) on Oct. 23, 2015, and within hours more than two dozen challenges were filed

Focus on O&M

Grid Resiliency: A Strategy for Keeping Transformers Safe

Grid resiliency has become a widely discussed topic recently. Experts have been called before congressional hearings to testify on the topic, and close calls—including a massive solar storm that missed Earth

New College Program Focuses on Cybersecurity for the Utility Industry

Thomas Edison State College, located in Trenton, N.J., has created an online program through which students can obtain a graduate certificate in cybersecurity with a focus on utility environments. The

Global Monitor

IEA: World's Power Mix Is Seeing Unprecedented Transformation

A significant transformation of the global power mix is under way, noted the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its newly released World Energy Outlook (WEO-2015). Renewables are getting subsidized boosts

POWER Digest

China Makes Nuclear Export Gains in Argentina, Romania. As it boosts its domestic nuclear power capacity, China is also snapping up lucrative contracts to build new reactors abroad. This November, China

Statoil to Build World's First Floating Offshore Wind Farm

Nearly five years after the world’s first large-scale floating deepwater wind turbine was erected 11 kilometers (km) offshore Karmøy, southeast Norway, Norwegian energy firm Statoil has made a final

Speaking of Power

The Journey Ahead

January has traditionally been POWER’ s forecast issue, and there’s one overriding prediction I feel confident making: The speed of changes will continue to exceed the power industry’s ability to fully

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