MANAGING POWER Direct [November 15, 2012]

A Call to Elevate Electric Sector Cyber Security Leadership

It's time for the leaders in the power generation business to step up and provide some leadership on cybersecurity

Clean Air Rules: Unintended Consequences Generator?

A complex tangle of Clean Air Act rules is making life difficult for folks in the power industry, often seeming to go in different directions at the same time. It could get worse and here’s an attempt to make some sense of the confusion.

Creating Customer-Friendly Utility Communications

Make messages to customers simple, direct, and concrete to hit a response sweet spot.

FERC Proposes Regulatory Regime for Solar Storms

With the power industry already facing a completely new, government-mandated approach to cybersecurity, CIPS 5, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has launched another regulatory venture that will result in a new set of reliability standards—this one designed to protect the bulk power system from solar storms.

Financing U.S. Renewable Energy Projects in a Post-Subsidy World

Subsidies for renewable energy projects, a mainstay of U.S. policy for 20 years, is coming to an end. What next?

Lessons in Innovation from Sir Edmund Hillary

The first conquest of Mount Everest was not just a triumph of the human spirit but also a classic example of solid project management and good leadership. Hillary's example offers sound lessons for today's business leaders.

The Management Intelligence of the Octopus

Adaptive, creative, and flexible, the humble octopus has much to teach managers in the modern world.

Whistleblower Heartaches, Headaches and Heads Ups

Whistleblowers are a growing and difficult fact of life in large and important organizations, and mishandling them can cause organizational pain and financial penalty.

Why Swooning SWU Prices Will Continue

Long a tightly controlled near-monopoly, the market for enriched uranium is finally about to see some meaningful foreign competition.

Workplace Drama: Leadership Is About Course Correction, Not Perfection

All leaders want to be liked, but letting that desire set your course is a path to frustration and drama. Though it sometimes seems counter-intuitive, the ability to set good boundaries is the mark of a good leader.