MANAGING POWER Direct [July 9, 2013]

CBO Scopes Out Pros and Cons of a Carbon Tax

A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office confirms that a carbon tax would mean substantial revenues for the government. But the impacts would be many, varied—and unequal.

How the Wind Production Tax Credit is Anti-Nuclear

The PTC has led to unprecedented growth in wind capacity. But the distortions it creates in the energy market are damaging future prospects for nuclear power.

Management Views: Phil Sharp

MANAGING POWER talks to energy veteran and president of Resources for the Future Phil Sharp about the complexities of energy policy.

Master Limited Partnerships: Useful Tool or Green Finance Gimmick?

A legal tax avoidance tool for small investors in the oil and gas industry is getting a lot of buzz among renewable energy financial gurus and advocates. But are “master limited partnerships” a path to new piles of money for green energy, or just a passing fancy? And should MLPs replace the current panoply of lucrative tax gimmicks available for renewables, or be available on top of such items as the production tax credit, investment tax credits, accelerated depreciation, and state and local renewable energy mandates?

Risk and Feedback in Leading People

Tempting as it may be to put off tough conversations with subordinates, doing so almost always leads to bigger and bigger problems down the line.

Thoughts on Firing

Firing someone is never easy or fun. It isn't supposed to be.

Time to Pull the Plug on MOX

Despite good intentions, the program to turn Cold War-era plutonium into mixed-oxide reactor fuel has been an expensive failure. It's time to consider other options.

TREND: State Renewable Mandates Survive Attacks

Despite a broad-based assault across the country, state renewable portfolio standards have survived this round, with a few seeing expansion.

Turmoil, Confusion Continues at the National Labor Relations Board

The legal turmoil surrounding the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) continues as a federal appeals court has struck down another pro-labor ruling by the board, while challenging its authority to act at all. At the same time, in a directly related matter, the membership of the board and whether it has a legal quorum continues, with Congress getting into the act.

What Are (Our) Words Worth?

The wrong words at the wrong time can cost a lot of money. But creative uses for the right words can create value in unexpected places.