MANAGING POWER Direct [September 17, 2012]

Energy PR—Forget Facts, Show Value

Whatever utility communicators are selling these days, it doesn’t look like customers are buying. And the problem likely will get worse before it gets better.

Helpful Tips When Terminating an Employee

Firing a worker is not an easy task, something no conscientious manager takes lightly. And the decision can come back to bite. But it is sometimes necessary and there are ways to do the job that minimize the risks to the organization.

If This Is What It Takes to Produce 8 Kilowatts . . .

The cost of regulatory review is often equal to the cost of the cost of installation for very small projects. It’s time some common sense is used by legislators and government regulators when it comes to small power projects.

London’s Lessons for Good Management

The recent London Olympics were not just a triumph of athletics. They also showed how solid project management can bring an enormously challenging job to a successful conclusion, putting on one of the most successful Olympic Games ever.

NERC Cyber Security Rules: Evolution or Brownian Motion?

Making sense out of the NERC cyber security rules is inherently difficult; the ever-changing regulatory scene makes it even harder. With Version 4 now in hand, Version 5 is on the way.

Rare Earths: China Strikes Back

Facing increasing competition and a slumping economy, China is moving to strengthen its already robust monopoly over rare earth minerals vital to many advanced energy technologies.

Thriving in a World Without 30-Year Careers

Long careers with one company ending with the presentation of a gold watch are passé. It’s every person for themselves these days. You should be preparing for that new job right now.

Trend—How Strong Is the Urge to Merge?

After a slowdown in the first half of 2012, merger activity in the power sector may be heating up again. One surprising target given the current environment: Coal.

Understanding Consequential Damages

One set of legal provisions that anyone in a business or operational role should be aware of is the “consequential damage waiver.” These provisions dictate two of the most vital aspects of any contract: What can you recover if the other party breaches the contract, and what do you have to pay if you do?

Workplace Drama: Master Your Energy

One strong way to master your energy drain at work is to understand how to interpret your emotional experiences differently. Then you can make positive and empowering choices that don’t drain your energy.