MANAGING POWER Direct [January 1, 2010]

Addressing the Intraday Trading Position Conundrum

Power traders need to get faster, more accurate information on how markets are working and how they are swinging. They should look to telecommunications and manufacturing markets for solutions.

An Economist Looks at Climate Policy

An economist scratches his head in consternation as he looks at the discussion about climate change and energy conservation. Take his quiz to learn why commonly accepted assumptions make poor economic sense.

For a Secure Energy Future, Obama Must Be Like Ike

President Dwight David Eisenhower built the interstate highway system more than 50 years ago. Is it time for the U.S., when it comes to the electric power grid, to be like Ike?

For Utilities, Derivatives Is Not a Dirty Word

Financial derivatives make sense for the electricity business, providing protection against price swings, and don’t require additional regulation.

Interconnection Animus: Do Regulatory Procedures Create a “Tragedy of the Commons”?

What’s the real “tragedy of the commons?” It is legal, regulatory, cultural, or political? And is there is way out?

Is the Future of Enterprise Computing in the Clouds?

“Cloud” computing has become the latest buzz in the information technology world. What does it mean? Is it real? And how can it affect your business world?

Management Art and Management Science

Is management a science? An enormous intellectual construct developed over the past century—by business schools, consultancies, and major staff components of business firms and government agencies—is dedicated to that proposition.

The U.S. Has a New Dash for Gas

Natural gas has reemerged as the choice for new electric generation, according to the North American Electric Reliability Corp. Does this raise new reliability issues?

TREND: Gas Rebounds

After years of decline amid rising prices and fears of scarcity, natural gas as a power-generating fuel is on a rebound in the U.S., driven by new finds in Texas and the Mid-Atlantic states. These news stories highlight the trend.

When It Comes to Nukes, Little Things Mean a Lot

It’s the little stuff that can lead to big stuff, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission tells FirstEnergy in relation to its Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio.

Where Are the New Engineers?

The U.S. isn’t producing the workforce it needs for the future of energy generation. And forget about “green jobs,” an undefined concept.