GAS POWER Direct [January 7, 2013]

A Continuing Wave: The Debate Over Regulation of Fracking Rolls On

Shale gas production continues to surge as demand for cheap gas grows. But will state and federal regulation and a wave of local bans choke off the boom?

Fossil Fuels’ Encore

Despite the promise of renewable energy for the future, natural gas is certain to remain the cheapest, most efficient generation resource for the next few decades.

Michigan Community Rejoices over Proposed Combined Cycle Plant

Not everyone is thrilled to have a power plant go up in their neighborhood, but residents of a Michigan town in need of jobs and investment are celebrating theirs.

Power Plant Cycling: Growing Regime Needs Better Understanding of Technical and Cost Issues

Increased cycling is now a fact of life for many combined cycle power plants, even those once used for baseload. The shift in regime can have many associated costs, not all of which are obvious.

Quarterly Status Report: Global Gas Power Projects

The fourth quarter of 2012 saw continued growth in gas power development, with at least 8 GW of new projects announced for the U.S. alone.

The Shale Gas Revolution: From the Other Side of the Meter

The shale gas boom is expected to add considerably to the world’s energy mix in coming decades. But this energy-intensive industry is also going to need its own power. How much? Try at least 100 GW worldwide.

What the Gas Power Industry Sees for the Future

With gas supplies looking strong and a variety of factors exerting negative pressure on other generation resources, 2013 looks to be a solid year for gas-fired power.

When Disaster Strikes: Five Lessons for Infrastructure Owners and Operators

Sooner or later, every plant owner will face a natural disaster. Careful planning, preparation, and teamwork are key to getting through in one piece.