COAL POWER Direct [April 1, 2013]

EIA: U.S. Power Sector SO2, NOx Emissions Lowest Since 1990

Power plant emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the U.S. declined to their lowest level since 1990, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) said in early March.

Bad Policy Built on Bogus Study

Wind industry’s “inflated numbers” and “erroneous conclusions” misled Washington lawmakers to extend the production tax credit.

EPA Directs 36 States to Revise SIPs for Emissions During Plant Startup, Shutdown, Malfunction

A rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) directs 36 states to revise their Clean Air Act State Implementation Plans (SIPs) to eliminate exemptions for excess emissions of air pollutants at power plants during startup, shutdown, or when the plant malfunctions.

Four Major EPA Air and Water Rules Forthcoming Through May, Agency Schedule Shows

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates final regulations curbing greenhouse gas (GHG), mercury, and air toxics emissions from new sources could appear in the Federal Register by the end of April. Also forthcoming are final cooling water intake rules and proposed effluent guidelines. The coal ash rule, which has no target date for a final rule, may not be issued this year, the agency said.

Germany’s Expensive Experiment

Germany’s race away from nuclear and coal to a system heavy with renewables has not followed the expected course. Nuclear and coal plants were supposed to close. Instead, gas plants are closing and coal is making a comeback.

Kemper County IGCC Project Update

The integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant located in Kemper County, Mississippi, is a 2 x 1 plant that will produce 582 MW at peak and 524 MW fired on syngas, with ammonia, sulfuric acid, and carbon dioxide as by-products. The carbon dioxide will be used for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Engineering was completed in Q3 2012, and the facility’s commercial operation date is planned for May 2014.

Mayor Bloomberg Is Wrong on Coal

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently gave a presentation in Washington, where he stated: “Coal is dead.” Fortunately, both for the prosperity of the United States and the goal to alleviate poverty for billions of people across the world, Bloomberg’s projection is much different from what is actually happening.

Project Planning Key to Smooth J.T. Deely 2 SCR Retrofit

Recent experience on the Deely 2 SCR retrofit project reminds us that the time spent in thoroughly planning a project prior to the start of construction is usually repaid with avoided construction delays.

SNL Energy Predicts Continued Gas Switching in 2013

Dispatch competition between U.S. coal and natural gas plants has been a prominent feature of power markets since 2009. Gas prices have strengthened significantly over early 2012 levels, working to take pressure off coal plants for the upcoming year, according to a new analysis by SNL Energy.