COAL POWER Direct [March 28, 2012]

Design Features of Advanced Ultrasupercritical Plants, Part I

Advanced ultrasupercritical (A-USC) is a term used to designate a coal-fired power plant design with the inlet steam temperature to the turbine at 700C to 760C. In Part I of a three-part report, we introduce the A-USC boiler. Future reports will discuss the metallurgical and boiler design challenges.

EPA to Keep Thresholds in Step 3 of Tailoring Rule for GHG Permits

A proposed rule issued in late February by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will not change the greenhouse gas (GHG) permitting thresholds for the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and Title V Operating Permit programs. However, it includes revisions to the permitting program that would provide some flexibility in how compliance is achieved with GHG emission caps.

FirstEnergy, AEP, and GenOn Continue Trimming Coal-Fired Fleet Size

FirstEnergy Corp., AEP, and GenOn have all announced coal-fired plant closures, totaling over 13 GW, caused by the recently finalized Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.

How Liberty Can Fuel Energy Production

Freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and a civil society have made America exceptional. But without energy—secure and affordable energy—many of our great accomplishments would not have been possible.

NERC: Loss of Reactive Power, Voltage Instability Likely Outcome from Geomagnetic Disturbance Effects

A new report released in early March by the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) found that loss of reactive power was the most likely outcome from a severe solar storm that was centered over North America. Significant losses of reactive power could lead to voltage instability, and, if not identified and managed appropriately, power system voltage collapse could occur, the report concludes.

Preventing and Mitigating Oil Fires in Power Plants

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, photos of the conflagrations that have resulted from ignition of minor lube oil leaks on a typical steam turbine room floor will leave you speechless. Full-scale physical simulations of oil fires by the insurance company FM Global leave no doubt that power plant fire prevention and mitigation is a judicious blend of art and science.

The Insanity of It All

Moving into the election season, President Obama has again pointed to the number of green jobs supposedly created by his administration in a recent campaign advertisement, although the claims are not supported by available data. Now, other government authorities are using the same poor data as an excuse to increase spending.

Using Explosives for Boiler Deslagging

This unconventional technique for removing slag from solid fuel-fired boilers, used for more than two decades, has exploded in popularity. But the risks are very real, and not all blasters are created equal.

Watts Up? Who Killed Climate Change?

What killed global warming as the president's number one priority?