MHI, Mitsubishi Power Report Breakthroughs for Hydrogen Combustion, Ammonia Burners
Staff at the central control room at Mitsubishi Power’s T-Point 2 Combined Cycle Power Plant Validation Facility at the Takasago Hydrogen Park in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, celebrate the demonstration of a large frame gas turbine using a fuel mixture of 30% hydrogen, while connected to the local power grid. The gas turbine uses hydrogen produced and stored at the Takasago Hydrogen Park. Courtesy: Mitsubishi Power

Mitsubishi Power has successfully demonstrated partial load and full load combustion of a fuel blend with 30% hydrogen (by volume) in a grid-connected J-series Air-Cooled (JAC) gas turbine. The achievement…

Boost for Mitsubishi Power Ammonia Gas Turbines in Singapore, Indonesia

A month after Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Japanese power generator JERA set out to jointly explore developing a 60-MW combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant fueled with 100% ammonia…