MANAGING POWER Direct [November 1, 2010]

Dodd-Frank: Legislation and Magical Misdirection

Here's how, with almost no attention, recent financial reform legislation changes how business must deal with whistleblower employees and affects other seemingly nongermane issues.

Elner Shimfissle and Old Tom: In Praise of Electricity

Fannie Flagg's fictional Aunt Elner Shimfissle reminds us of the power and the glory of electricity, a lesson we shall not forget.

Good Habit—Questionable Motive

Sometimes we do things for the wrong reason . . . that turns out to be exactly right.

NRC Chairman Floats Plan for Long-Term Spent Fuel Storage

A sea change in thinking about how to deal with spent nuclear fuel in the U.S. appears to be on the policy and political horizon, rekindling battles last fought in the 1980s about how to pay for the disposal of nuclear waste and where to put it. Holes in the ground look increasingly unlikely.

Regulating Smart Power: The Next Generation of Energy Regulation

The smart grid, a truly disruptive business force, will require a new regulatory paradigm and new approaches to the electric utility business model.

Social Media: Watch Your Words and Fingers

Letting loose on Facebook, Twitter, and email, no matter how tempting and satisfying, can be a prescription for big trouble for you and your organization. Watch out for the dangers of social media on the job.

The Five Most Common Workforce Strategy Mistakes

Business planning that doesn't carefully consider workforce issues can result in economic and management headaches.

TREND: Smart Grid Complications

Despite a trendy moniker and lots of hype and interest, the smart grid has been facing some major setbacks of late, as regulators and customers begin challenging some of the claims for what interconnected smart meters will deliver in the way of tangible benefits.

Uranium Enrichment: Boom or Bust?

The prospects of a worldwide nuclear power renaissance have spawned many plans for increasing uranium enrichment capacity. Could those plans swamp the world in SWUs?

Who Do They Think You Are?

The Scottish poet Robert Burns had it right. Using the power to see ourselves as we really are, and as others see us, is a key to leadership in business.