MANAGING POWER Direct [May 1, 2010]

Beyond the Backyard: Today’s NIMBY

Some amount of NIMBYism should be expected when developing any new project. Good planning and actively engaging community leaders early and often will increase your success quotient.

In Praise of Electric Power

The fear of losing electric power inspires thoughts about how vital electricity is to our lives. It is fundamental to modern living, and that’s entirely a good thing.

Kazakhstan and Uranium: It's About Transparency

Kazakhstan is a leading supplier of uranium fuel to the former Soviet Union and has global ambitions. A transparent uranium market and honest leaders must come first.

Knowledge Management Protects Against Mission-Critical Knowledge Loss

The cost of poor company knowledge management is high and getting higher. Managing knowledge in an era of compartmentalization and specialization is more difficult when organizations face layoffs, looming retirements, and the scarcity of trained, qualified workers.

Minds for the Future: No. 1, The Disciplined Mind

The regulatory process functions well when citizens and regulators are fully engaged and knowledgeable about important issues. The regulator must also grapple with the ever-changing roles of consumers and utilities to optimize the value of the commodity to society.

Rethinking Revenue Assurance for Utilities

Should utilities take a new look at their approaches to maximizing profit margins?

The Case for Transparency: Keep No Secrets from Employees

Do your employees really know what’s going on with your company? Don’t be worried that they can’t handle the truth. Here’s why it works to create a culture of corporate transparency—starting now.

The Challenges of Employee Communications

Employee communications is one of the hardest management jobs. It puts the burden of truthfulness on both management and its employees.

Trend: Natural Gas Is Hot, Hot, Hot

Despite the political kerfuffle over Obama administration loan guarantees for new nuclear generating plants, the ubiquitous hand-wringing about fossil fuels and climate change, and the hype about wind and solar renewable power generation, the new reality of natural gas may be a game-changer.

Wind’s Cost Is Underestimated; Its Value Overestimated

Wind power’s cost is hidden in subsidies; its value is overstated and based on false metrics that don’t account for reliability and dispatchability.