MANAGING POWER Direct [March 11, 2013]

“All of the Above” Is Not a National Energy Policy

It's all well and good to suggest the U.S. needs to be open to all solutions in the pursuit of its energy future, but at some point "try everything" needs to give way to a well-thought plan implementing the best, most cost-effective options.

An Iconoclast’s Manifesto

It's time to banish a few common terms that are hindering good thinking and obstructing progress in the power sector.

Mexico’s Power Sector Attracts New Investors

Opportunities abound in the Mexican energy sector as investors rediscover one of Latin American’s breakout markets.

Minerals Make the World Go Around

The increasingly advanced American economy is increasingly in need of a wide variety of minerals—many of which must currently be imported. But regulatory reform and a better understanding of their importance could lead to a renaissance in domestic mineral production.

NLRB Overturns Dues Precedent, Faces Court Challenge

Taking an activist stance in favor of unions,  the National Labor Relations Board recently ruled that employers must continued to withdraw union dues from paychecks even after a collective bargaining agreement has expired. But another court ruling may place this NLRB decision—and many others—in doubt.

NRC Grants Citizen Petition to Examine Solar Storms

Attention to the potential risks of solar storms to the power sector continues, as the NRC issues a highly unusual grant to a citizen's rulemaking petition on how solar storms could affect spent fuel powers at nuclear plants.

TREND: Down Go Electricity Prices

A variety of factors have exerted downward pressure on wholesale electricity prices the past few years. EIA data suggest this may be a long-term spiral, not just a temporary hiccup.

Utility Communicators: An Ounce of Prevention or a Pound of Cure?

Selling the value of good customer communications to upper management is not always easy. Positioning it as CEO pain avoidance can go a long way toward that goal.

Value: One of the Most Confounding Propositions We Face

It's easy to say utilities need to show their customers the value they receive for their money. It's much harder to define exactly what that means or how to do it.

Yes, Virginia, There is A Nuclear Renaissance

The news for nuclear the past few years has not been good. But forces lurking in the background are moving to rekindle the nuclear renaissance, as the long-term cost advantages seem certain to beat out much of the competition from renewables.