MANAGING POWER Direct [January 2, 2013]

Avoiding Pitfalls in Combined Heat and Power

Combined heat and power offers many advantages for distributed generation. But leveraging them requires some careful planning and forethought.

Coal Ash Recycling Stalls During Regulatory Struggle

As 2013 opens, the coal industry is waiting anxiously on a variety of proposals for regulating coal ash. A reclassification as hazardous waste could deal another blow to coal, but some industry observers suspect the worst is not yet to come.

Creativity Cuts Cost of Connecting with Utility Customers

When the Kissimmee Utility Authority needed to fire up its customer outreach, it was time to turn up the gas and get cooking.

Obama’s Second Act

President Obama enters 2013 with a solid win in his pocket—and a host of challenges and decisions awaiting him.

Outage Management with an Owner’s Engineer

Hiring an owner's engineer may add some upfront expense to your O&M budget, but over the long term, it can reap big savings in successfully navigating planned and unplanned outages.

Stop Thinking and Start Acting

Forethought and analysis have their place, but good leaders need to be ready to act boldly when the time comes.

Terror Threat to Grid Is Real, Says Suppressed Study

A 2007 study sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security confirmed some of the industry's worst fears about the grid's vulnerability to terrorist attack. That study has remained under wraps until recently--and its findings are even worse than you may suspect.

The Risks in Risk Communications

Human beings have a tough time balancing risks rationally--but this task isn't made any easier by how the media communicates information about them. Often, the usual approach makes things even worse.

Trend: The Nuclear Tortoise and the Natural Gas Hare

The pendulum has recently swung back against nuclear as gas-fired power has surged in response to low prices and abundant supplies. Can nuclear ever regain its edge?

Workplace Drama: More on Correction Course

How do you get "beyond" perfection? With a willingness to course-correct and an awareness of when it's necessary.