Wärtsilä – Paving the Path to 100%

To address the economic, scientific, and political challenges surrounding the decarbonization of electricity, Wärtsilä created the Path to 100% initiative. The Path to 100% brings together thought leaders and industry experts to discuss solutions, raise awareness, and discover operationally and financially realistic approaches to building a 100% renewable energy future — not just city by city, but across entire states and nations.


Paving the Path to 100% includes:

  • New Mexico is committed to meet 100% carbon-free energy in 2040, which makes the state and PNM, a prime use case to explore questions relevant to the electric utility industry transitioning to meet aggressive renewable energy goals.
  • California is a leader in clean energy, but the state is currently facing challenging times maintaining system reliability. Solutions to this problem are raised in the “Path to 100% Renewables for California” Wärtsilä whitepaper. The Optimal Path scenario offers renewable capacity combined with the Power-to-Gas (PtG) process, which are dimensioned so that enough carbon neutral fuel can be produced for California’s power system annual needs.
  • Power-to-gas offers a way to absorb excess renewable energy and transform it to renewable fuels which can be stored indefinitely.


Learn more about the Path to 100% and The Pathway.