Safer and More Efficient Gas Turbine Coupling Maintenance

In the past, routine maintenance on the General Electric (GE) 7FA-class gas turbine coupling was time-consuming, costly, and presented unnecessary safety risks for service technicians and plant maintenance crews. Now,…

TensionPro launches HYCOBOLT, the next generation hydraulic coupling bolt

UK-based bolt tensioning experts TensionPro has launched HYCOBOLT, an advanced hydraulic coupling bolt designed to deliver high performance torque transmission for critical load rotating shafts and couplings.HYCOBOLT is direct retrofit replacement…

Fault Ride-Through Using Slip-Capable Torque-Limiting Couplings

As more intermittent renewable energy resources are added to the power grid, generator connectivity during a grid fault becomes ever more important to mitigate the risk of cascading blackouts. An…