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DOE Unveils Next Steps for Nuclear Waste Consent-Based Siting Process
The Department of Energy (DOE) has initiated community outreach to facilitate consent-based siting, management of spent nuclear fuel (SNF), and interim storage facility siting. The effort, which is outlined in…
Oklo Relaunches NRC Licensing Process for Nuclear Microreactor
Oklo, the developer of the much-watched 1.5-MW Aurora microreactor, has submitted a recharged licensing project plan (LPP) with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), launching a renewed effort that could help…
Biden Administration Throws Support Behind Floating Offshore Wind
The Biden administration announced a goal of installing as much as 15 GW of floating offshore wind energy capacity by 2035, and said it plans to auction off leases to…
CPV Announces New 1.8-GW Gas-Fired Plant for West Virginia
A Maryland-based power generation group said it will build an 1,800-MW combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plant in West Virginia, a project that will utilize carbon capture and storage to take…
How Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Accelerates Industrial Electrification
Accelerating the transition toward low or net-zero carbon emissions is necessary to keep global warming at theoretically safe levels. In line with the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, countries…
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NuScale, Last Energy Make Significant Insteps for SMRs in Poland
NuScale has signed a first task order and a statement of commencement with Polish mining and processing firm KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., kicking off early work for a VOYGR nuclear…
The Energy Conundrum: Decarbonizing the Power Supply While Maintaining Reliable and Affordable Electricity
Countries throughout the world have set carbon emission reduction targets in an effort to limit the effects of climate change. Many are striving to achieve net zero in coming decades.…
How One Fossil Fuel Is Poised for Growth as the World Transitions to Net Zero
Most power companies have carbon reduction goals. Often, reaching those goals involves transitioning from coal-fired generation to renewable energy such as solar and wind. However, it’s not always practical
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10 Best IoT Industry 4.0 Implementations
Businesses in the Industry 4.0 sector face unceasing demands to become faster, smarter, leaner, and more profitable. We’ve all heard of Smart Cities and Smart Homes, but the fully automated…
Here’s What to Do with Your Smart Home Devices When Moving
Amazon Astro is one of the most anticipated smart home tech releases of 2022. Think of it as an Alexa on wheels. Equipped with a moving 1080p periscope camera, the…
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Industry Press Releases
Powered by GE’s HA Technology for the first time in Thailand, EGAT’s Bang Pakong Combined Cycle Power Plant Adds Approximately 1.4 GW of Power to the national grid

EU affirms confidence in GE’s g³ technology by co-funding development of its 245 kV SF₆-free g³ gas-insulated substation

Siemens Energy technology stabilizes German power grid

GE Plans to Invest up to $5 million to Support its Leading Aeroderivative Gas Turbines Business and Announces New Orders around the World

Siemens Energy and Duke Energy’s gas power plant achieves GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title

Cummins opens a new microgrid testing laboratory
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