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UAMPS and NuScale Power Terminate SMR Nuclear Project
Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) and NuScale Power Corp. (NuScale) have mutually agreed to terminate the Carbon Free Power Project (CFPP), a small modular reactor (SMR) project that was…
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U.S. and Beyond - Moving Toward a Hydrogen Economy

This article provides an outlook on how the hydrogen economy can be expected to unfold regionally in the U.S. as well as globally.

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Canadian Court Backs Bitcoin Miner's Bid for Gas-Fired Power Plants
A Canada-based digital asset mining and computing company is close to acquiring four small natural gas-fired power plants in Ontario. Hut 8 Mining Corp., headquartered in Toronto, on Nov. 3…
South Africa Will Add 3 GW of Gas-Fired Generation
An official with South Africa’s government said the country will accelerate its development of natural gas-fired power generation as energy shortages continue to be a challenge for the nation’s economy.…
Current Trends in Climate Change Technology Investment
As the world grapples with fast-changing weather patterns, wildfires, record-breaking heat, and many other climate-related issues, it is becoming increasingly important to develop the technologies that will help to combat…
The Electrification of Vehicles in America Is Occurring Rapidly in Bus Fleets
The effort to electrify vehicles is a growing trend sweeping through America. The task is expensive enough to keep it from ever being quick. Still, funding is available from numerous…
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Advanced Nuclear Fuel with Enrichment Exceeding Historical Limits Approved for Installation at Plant Vogtle
Southern Nuclear, Southern Company’s nuclear power plant operations business, announced in late September that it had received “first-of-a-kind approval” from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to use advanced fuel—accident tolerant…
How to Cut Energy Costs and Create Efficiencies this Winter
As more businesses consider electrification efforts to reduce their carbon impact, energy decision-makers must not lose sight of the critical role of overall energy efficiency efforts. While electrification upgrades are…
A New Strategy for EMP Protection of Critical Civilian Infrastructure
The problem of the destructive effects of high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) on electronic and electrical equipment has been well-known for more than 50 years. All military equipment and critical equipment…
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