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EPA Proposes Tighter Controls on NOx Emissions from Power Plants, Industrial Sources
A sweeping new proposed rule published in the Federal Register by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in April establishes new nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions budgets that will require fossil…
At Least 15 China-Backed Coal Plants Canceled, Another 37 GW in Limbo
A research group focused on the energy industry and its impact on air pollution said the Chinese government’s decision to no longer provide financing for overseas coal projects has resulted…
Supply Chain Issues Mean Planning Is More Important Than Ever
It’s hard to imagine a company that hasn’t been affected by supply chain issues over the past couple of years. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began, a couple of utility executives had suggested...
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Homer City Coal Plant to Keep All Three Units Operating
The Homer City coal-fired power plant will continue operating, according to multiple news sources in western Pennsylvania, where the plant is located. Owners of the three-unit, 1,884-MW generating station in…
Revolutionizing Refractory Maintenance: Increasing Efficiency with Specialized Equipment
Refractory maintenance, though vital, can often be a logistical and financial burden. This is especially true for power plants, cement plants, and other large facilities that rely on boilers, kilns,…
History of Power: Duke Energy's Century-Old Legacy
Duke Energy, one of the largest energy companies in the world, grew out of a system of lakes and dams along the Catawba River to generate power for the Piedmont Carolinas. While the company has sustained a...
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Oil Pump Amps Provide the Clue Marnie Needs to Stave Off Trouble
Incessant trivial alarms can drown out important warnings and cause headaches for control room operators. In this installment of Marnie Surfaceblow, our fearless heroine wades through all the noise to identify...
Industry Press Releases
Reduce Your Concrete Carbon Footprint while Enhancing Concrete Durability!

Black & Veatch Selects Mario Azar as New Chairman and CEO

EPRI Elects New Chairs, Board Members

America’s Power Statement on MISO Electric Capacity Shortfalls

Brüel & Kjær Vibro announces VCM-3/SETPOINT product enhancements

ClearSpan Finishes Construction On Multiple Bulk Storage Buildings in California

Esco Introduces MILLHOG® Boiler Tube Panel Replacement System that Offers Fast, Accurate Cutting & Membrane Removal

Telenor, Aker, and Cognite establish software security company
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