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Texas Launches Probe of Power Companies After Blackouts
The fallout from the severe weather that crippled the power grid in Texas and other states over the past week continues, as officials grapple with what went wrong and who…
Great Winter Storm of 2021 Will Live in Grid History
It will be some time before we know every detail that aligned to cause the tremendous number of sustained power outages in Texas, or the spiking power prices across all…
ERCOT Signaling Some Relief as Power Crisis Stretches Into Fourth Day
After three harrowing days during which the Texas grid veered precipitously toward system collapse, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has begun directing transmission operators to cease rotating blackouts. …
Texas Gov. Declares ERCOT Reform 'Emergency'; Millions Still Without Power
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has said reforming the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is an emergency item for state legislators in the current session, as power outages continue across…
ERCOT Sheds Load as Extreme Cold Forces Generators Offline; MISO, SPP Brace for Worsening System Conditions
Historically frigid temperatures across Texas forced 34 GW of generation—across all fuel types—off the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) system, prompting the grid operator to initiate rotating outages starting…
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The Nuclear Battery Aboard Perseverance, the Next-Gen Mars Rover
NASA’s next-generation Mars rover Perseverance, which successfully launched on July 30 atop an Atlas 5 rocket from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, will depend on a “nuclear…
GE Gas Turbines Will Replace Coal at Colorado Plant
The plan to retire the last coal-fired units at a power plant in Colorado has moved a step closer to completion, with the announcement that Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) has…
Honeywell to Reopen Sole U.S. Uranium Conversion Plant
Honeywell is gearing up to reopen the Metropolis Works plant in Metropolis, Illinois—the U.S.’s sole uranium conversion facility—and restart production of uranium hexafluoride (UF6) by early 2023. The Charlotte, North Carolina–based…
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Morgan Stanley: Coal-Fired Power Off U.S. Grid by 2033
A report from Morgan Stanley, a global wealth management company, said coal-fired power generation is likely to disappear from the U.S. power grid by 2033, largely displaced by renewable energy…
Countries Roll Out Green Hydrogen Strategies, Electrolyzer Targets
Countries are increasingly embedding green hydrogen’s potential to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors within ambitious strategies. In December, Canada joined a long list of countries, which includes France
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Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum Opens Registration for Spring 2021 Conference

IRENA and IHA forge partnership to advance sustainable hydropower

UWUA Applauds Introduction of the PRO Act, Urges Passage

EPRI and GTI Low-Carbon Resources Initiative Surpasses $100 Million in Funding from 33 Global Partners

Framatome to provide digital instrumentation and control upgrade at Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant

Fluence’s Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Market Bidding Platform Selected to Optimize 182.5 MW Battery Energy Storage System in California

MISO report concludes much higher levels of renewables integration are achievable
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