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GE Hitachi: Nuclear Costs, Innovation Must Be a Pivotal Focus for Carbon-Free Future
Nuclear energy’s future as a critical pillar in a decarbonized world will depend on its adaptability to rapid change, but the sector must focus on costs, certainty of outcome, reliability,…
Consumers Energy to Quit Coal by 2025, Speeding Closure of Five Units
Michigan’s largest energy provider Consumers Energy will stop using coal as a fuel source for power generation within the next four years—15 years earlier than previously planned. In an updated…
A Game-Changing Vision for Geothermal Energy
According to a report released in 2019 by the U.S. Department of Energy, geothermal electricity generation could increase more than 26-fold by 2050—reaching 60 GW of installed capacity. That may…
World-First Test Production of Fossil-Free Hydrogen-Reduced Sponge Iron Completed
A pioneering pilot project in Lulea, Sweden, designed to produce “fossil-free” steel has successfully completed test production of sponge iron, demonstrating it is possible to use hydrogen made with fossil-free…
CCUS: Big Opportunity and Hard Questions
For the world to avoid a climate catastrophe, carbon capture is likely a necessity, not an option. To meet the Paris Agreement’s objectives—keep warming below 2C and preferably near 1.5C—net…
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UK Eyes 2025 Operation Date for Fusion Demo Plant as Powerful Magnet Heads to ITER  
This week marked two major milestones for fusion energy. On June 15, San Diego-based General Atomics (GA) said it was ready to ship the first module of the Central Solenoid—the…
Despite South Carolina IRP Rejection, Duke Energy Seeks 80-Year Operation for Oconee Nuclear Units
Duke Energy has kicked off an effort to renew the operating licenses of all its 11 nuclear reactors for 20 more years, starting with Oconee Nuclear Station, its largest nuclear…
West Coast Offshore Wind Closer to Becoming a Reality
In late May, the U.S. Department of the Interior, in conjunction with the Department of the Navy and the State of California, announced plans to offer leases to develop offshore…
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NRG Will Close 3 Coal Plants After Poor Auction Results
NRG Energy Inc. said it will retire three coal-fired power plants—two in Illinois and one in Delaware—next year after disappointing results in the May 2021 capacity auction for the PJM…
Connecticut Becomes Eighth State to Adopt Energy Storage Targets
Under a newly enacted law, Connecticut will deploy 1 GW of energy storage by December 2030 and pursue interim targets to deploy 300 MW by 2024 and 650 MW by…
How to Prevent Bacterial Growth in Dry and Wet Cooling Systems
Accumulation of debris in water systems can cause dangerous bacterial growth and performance loss—this is how to reduce the risk. In cooling systems, airborne debris, such as dust and leaves,…
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Industry Press Releases
PG&E Funds New Grant Program to Support Community Response to Extreme Weather Events

Amazon Becomes Largest Corporate Buyer of Renewable Energy in the U.S.

LineVision’s V3 Transmission Line Monitoring System to Be Installed in California for the First Time

NRG Energy Reports Achievement Across its Comprehensive Sustainability Program in 2020, Reaching New Milestone on Net-Zero Emissions Goal

Uplight and AES to Transform Customers’ Energy Experience While Achieving Greater Efficiency and Cost Savings

Itron Supports Energy Savings in Colorado with Grid-interactive Water Heater Program

Finland’s largest Power-to-Gas plant – Wärtsilä and Vantaa Energy to continue planning towards an investment decision

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