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Exelon to Split Business, Spin Off Generation Segment
Responding to rapid changes in the power industry, Exelon Corp. plans to cleave its business into two publicly traded companies: one comprising its six regulated electric and gas utilities, and…
Hydrogen and the Energy Transition
Power systems around the world are changing. Renewable energy, mainly in the form of wind and solar generation, is being added everywhere, while more traditional forms of power, such as…
GE Debuts Giant 9HA.02 Gas Turbines at 1.4-GW Plant in Malaysia
Two GE 9HA.02 gas turbines—the largest model of GE’s second-generation H-class heavy-duty gas turbine fleet and one of the largest gas turbine models on the global market—on Feb. 24 began…
ERCOT Board Members Resign in Wake of Blackouts
Five board members of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the state's power grid operator, on Feb. 23 announced they would resign their posts, just days after extreme winter…
Texas Gov. Declares ERCOT Reform 'Emergency'; Millions Still Without Power
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has said reforming the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is an emergency item for state legislators in the current session, as power outages continue across…
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The Nuclear Battery Aboard Perseverance, the Next-Gen Mars Rover
NASA’s next-generation Mars rover Perseverance, which successfully launched on July 30 atop an Atlas 5 rocket from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, will depend on a “nuclear…
Great Winter Storm of 2021 Will Live in Grid History
It will be some time before we know every detail that aligned to cause the tremendous number of sustained power outages in Texas, or the spiking power prices across all…
How to Optimize Online Meeting Communication and Collaboration
Are we prepared for what the future of work holds? According to a recent McKinsey report, that answer will depend on our ability to adapt to a hybrid workforce. The…
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The Earth’s Energy: Switching Geothermal Power On
Although geothermal energy supplies a very small percentage of the electricity used around the world currently, geothermal advocates aren’t letting the seeming insignificance of the existing power generation capacity detract…
DOE Awards $46 Million for Geothermal Projects
A federal government geothermal program based at the University of Utah has chosen 17 projects that will receive up to $46 million from the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE). The…
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Industry Press Releases
Siemens Energy to supply F-class gas turbines to power China’s Greater Bay Area development

Volta Energy Technologies Kicks Off Energy Storage Fund With Over $70MM From Investors

LineVision’s V3 Transmission Line Monitoring System installed in Colorado, Minnesota and Wisconsin to Increase Grid Capacity and Safety

X-energy Delivers Second Information Package for CNSC Pre-Licensing Vendor Design Review

Charah Solutions Awarded 5-Year Ash Marketing Contract by NV Energy for Beneficial Use of Production Fly Ash

Fluence’s Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Market Bidding Platform Selected to Optimize 182.5 MW Battery Energy Storage System in California

Hydrogen Optimized Takes Key Step to Supply Largest Segment of Fast-Growing Green Hydrogen Market with New Development and Manufacturing Facility
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