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NERC Identifies Energy Policy as Key Risk to Grid Reliability Amid Evolving Challenges
The North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) will for the first time consider “energy policy” among five significant evolving and interdependent risks to grid reliability. In its latest biennial ERO Reliability…
How Do Power Companies Safeguard Against Winter Weather Challenges?
In February 2021, more than 4 million people lost power for days on end throughout Texas. The now-infamous outage resulted from extreme winter weather the state’s power grid wasn’t prepared…
Lessening the Impacts of Extreme Weather—How Utilities Should Be Preparing
Climate change is a threat multiplier. Clean-up costs are ballooning and natural disasters are growing more expensive. In 2022 alone there were 18 natural disasters that caused more than $1…
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Using ASME PTC 6 Testing to Improve Steam Turbine Performance
When a power plant experiences issues with performance, the obvious indicators are usually a loss in load capacity or an increase in fuel consumption. However, other issues exist that can be costly, such as
Embracing the Complex Role of Coal in South Africa's Energy Mix
The path to achieving net zero is intricately tied to addressing the challenges posed by coal consumption. Industrialized nations highlight concerns about coal's environmental impact, given its emissions of various…
Marnie Surfaceblow: Bowing Under Pressure
Just because something hasn’t failed doesn’t mean it won’t—especially when an “old dog” of a plant is taught new tricks. 
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The Growing Importance of Carbon Capture
Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies have long been seen as a tool to tackle climate chaos, but the potential was largely theoretical. Two projects at Sleipner and Snohvit off the…
Training Fossil Fuel Workers to Transition to Renewables Industry
Coal, oil, and natural gas have a long history as the world’s primary energy sources. Many communities have sprung up around mines and drilling sites, and generations of people have…
Power Grid Investments Improve Reliability and Make Blackouts Less Likely
While power outages are not uncommon in the U.S., widespread blackouts that last more than a couple of hours are pretty rare. However, this summer marks the 20th anniversary of…
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Grid Operators Say Carbon Rule Threatens Reliability
On May 23, EPA proposed a rule to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from most fossil fuel power plants. (The proposal and supporting documents total almost 700 pages.) Initially, EPA allowed only 60 days for public comment on the proposal. Despite requests from Members of Congress, grid operators and many others to extend the comment deadline by an additional 60 days, EPA extended the deadline by a mere 15 days. The final comment deadline was August 8. Four of the largest grid operators – PJM Interconnection (PJM), Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) , and the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) – submitted comments jointly and individually on the proposed rule.
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Carbon Capture Coalition Submits Comments on EPA’s Proposed Rule to Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Power Plants
Today, the Carbon Capture Coalition submitted comments on EPA’s proposed rule for “New Source Performance Standards for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from New, Modified, and Reconstructed Fossil Fuel-Fired Electric Generating Units and Emissions Guidelines for Greenhouse gas Emissions from Existing Fossil Fuel-Fired EGUs.”
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