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Duke Energy Reaches $1.1B Deal to Resolve North Carolina Coal Ash Cost Issues
In a milestone settlement that could resolve Duke Energy’s “last remaining major issues” on coal ash management in North Carolina, the utility has agreed to absorb $1.1 billion in cleanup…
Fending Off Forced Power Plant Outages
The changing profile of the power system has added new stressors on conventional power generation and may have raised the potential for forced outages. Addressing them requires a closer look at traditional and
Morgan Stanley: Coal-Fired Power Off U.S. Grid by 2033
A report from Morgan Stanley, a global wealth management company, said coal-fired power generation is likely to disappear from the U.S. power grid by 2033, largely displaced by renewable energy…
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Forging Materials with the 'Right Stuff' for Tomorrow's Energy Systems
One of the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s (NETL’s) key initiatives aims to bridge the gap in research infrastructure and accelerate advanced alloy development and manufacturing. Materials are
Report: Utilities Plan to Keep Coal Plants Running
A report from a major environmental group said that coal-fired power generation will continue to play a large role in U.S. electricity production for at least another 10 years. The…
Understanding Net Positive Suction Head Requirements for Pumps
A centrifugal pump that performs well under steady-state conditions may be found to cavitate when transitioning between operating modes. Resolving a transient cavitation problem can seem daunting because many
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Cleaning Boiler Superheaters with a Mobile Shockwave Method
One of the keys to boiler efficiency in thermal power plants is ensuring fouling and clinkers formed on superheater bundles are routinely removed. A mobile shockwave cleaning method offers one innovative
Biden Effects Regulatory Freeze, Revokes Trump Actions, Rejoins Paris Agreement
President Joe Biden just hours after his inauguration effected an immediate freeze on several Trump-era deregulatory actions that directly affect the power sector, and revoked a long list of rules…
Flame-Resistant Clothing: Everything You Need to Know
Flame-resistant (FR) garments are an important safety item for workers in the power industry. However, protection varies based on the arc rating of the clothing. Wearers must understand how the FR clothing
Industry Press Releases
AEIC 2021 Achievement Awards Program

Material Handling Equipment Store Launches

UWUA Statement on President Biden’s Proposed Interagency Task Force

Boston Dynamics Expands Spot® Product Line

Getac S410 Provides Extensive Gains In CPU, Graphics & WiFi Performance

Environmentally Safe Chesterton 650 Advanced Machinery Lubricant Handles High Load and Extreme Pressure

Brüel & Kjær Vibro introduces VIBROSTORE 100 for quick and easy machine health monitoring
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