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Power Infrastructure Prominent in Biden’s $2.25 Trillion Blueprint
A major chunk of President Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion transformational plan to overhaul the nation’s infrastructure is dedicated to re-energizing America’s power infrastructure. The initiatives garnered the industry’s approval—with notable…
Key Pre-Demolition Considerations for Fossil Fuel Power Plants
As the existing electric generation infrastructure matures, electric generation system owners are looking to the future for newer and greener technologies to meet the demands of electric consumption. An important part…
How to Effectively Treat Power Plant Cooling Water with Fewer Chemicals
Power plants across the globe are looking for an alternative to traditional chemistry to manage the water used throughout the cooling process. An innovative non-chemical water treatment technology may offer
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Improving Load Response and NOx Emissions with Boiler Tuning and Coal-Fired Unit Optimization
Maintaining and operating a coal-fired generating station requires the utmost attention to detail to stay competitive. Focusing on the fundamentals of combustion allows engineers to improve reliability
Valve Actuator Diagnostics for Predictive Maintenance
A predictive approach to finding potential issues with steam or gas turbine valve actuators can help power plant operators realize cost savings and avoid unit downtime. Having a way to analyze actuator
EPA Finalizes Rule to Curb Cross-State Pollution
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued an update and finalized a pollution rule that will require reductions in ozone emissions from power plants in 12 states this year.…
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Troubleshooting Issues and Eliminating Headaches Related to Control Valves
An oscillating control valve may appear to be the source of control instability and repair efforts are usually focused only there. When this fails to solve the issue, further investigation often proves the
Quality Control and Management in Power Industry Capital Projects
Owners must manage capital projects well to keep costs under control and ensure a high-quality product is delivered on time. Good communication, sound procedures and processes, and high-tech tools can help
Industry Press Releases
Heat Exchange Institute to Sell Standards on Their Own Newly Updated Website

Maintenance-Free-Bolting concept for bolts up to M80 (3 1/8”)

Four Sizes of the New WV1700 Series Vises from Snap-on Industrial Are Perfect for Virtually Any Application

ST Equipment & Technology Teams with Salt River Materials Group on Fly Ash Recycling System

DuPont Launches New Biofouling Preventing Technology for Reverse Osmosis Installations

KROHNE AF-E 400 Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Utility Applications and Industrial Automation
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