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Solar+Storage Will Lead New U.S. Generation Capacity
Solar power paired with energy storage is expected to lead capacity additions in the U.S. power generation sector over the next two years, according to the latest Electric Monthly Update…
Netherlands Will Install Country's Largest Energy Storage System
The Netherlands is set to install that country’s largest energy storage system in an effort to support power grid stability. Technology group Wärtsilä on Dec. 20 said it will supply…
Top 10 Power Industry News Stories of 2021
It’s been another news-filled year in the power industry. The following stories were the top 10 traffic-getters posted in 2021 on POWER’s website. Did you see them all as they…
In Case You Missed It
Space-Based Solar Power May Be Closer Than You Think
The vision sounds far-fetched: If a kilometer-scale satellite could be outfitted with a hybrid array of photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) panels and launched into orbit 22,400 miles above
Robots and Modular Designs Lead to Faster and Safer Solar Farm Construction and Maintenance
Earlier this month, AES Corp. unveiled Atlas, a first-of-its-kind solar installation robot. The cutting-edge, artificial intelligence–enabled technology behind Atlas is a major advancement for the industry, making it faster, more…
Key Trends Point to Strong Growth for Brazil’s Renewable Energy Landscape in 2022 and Beyond
2021 was a boom year for solar as a record number of new projects were registered with ANEEL, Brazil’s electricity industry regulator. Now, new distributed generation legislation is in the…
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GE Digital Announces UK 'Smart Substation' Project
GE Digital has announced a partnership with UK Power Networks (UKPN) for the launch of a smart substation project designed to support renewable energy power generation across the United Kingdom.…
The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee Brings Industry Knowledge to National Policy
On the U.S. Department of Commerce’s (DOC’s) Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee (REEEAC), the silo between industry and regulators is breaking down. The committee, which is populated
Rooftop Solar and Energy Storage Are Not Republican or Democrat, They're American
There is a common misperception that “green energy” appeals mostly to liberals. However, at least some of the facts don’t support that view. A case in point can be found…
Industry Press Releases
Vestas secures 301 MW order of EnVentus turbines from TransAlta in the USA

Siemens Gamesa clocks third major order for its 3.X platform with NIIF backed Ayana Renewable Power

Geothermal industry mission: unity, cooperation, and a strong, clear message

Grand Coulee Dam overhaul project ensures another 30 years of clean, renewable hydropower in the Pacific Northwest

NREL Launches New International Consortium To Advance High-Tech Mirrors Used in Solar Plants

ACWA Power Signs Agreement for 100-MW Uzbekistan Wind Power Project
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