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DOE Picks Nuclear Designs for First Microreactor Experiments at INL’s New Test Bed
The Department of Energy (DOE) has unveiled three nuclear microreactor developers that will design the first experiments at Idaho National Laboratory’s (INL’s) new Demonstration of Microreactor Experiments (DOME) test bed,…
The POWER Interview: Nuclear Set to Energize, Decarbonize Industry
A variety of industries are looking at nuclear power as a way to reduce their carbon footprint and provide a reliable source of electricity. Technology companies, along with industries such…
Constellation Planning Significant Nuclear-Powered Hydrogen Facility at LaSalle
Constellation Energy will use a portion of newly announced federal funding for the Midwest Hydrogen Hub (MachH2) to build “the world’s largest nuclear-powered clean hydrogen facility” at its 2.3-GW LaSalle Clean Energy…
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DOD Advances X-Energy Mobile Nuclear Microreactor as Second Project Pele Design
The Department of Defense (DOD) has moved to develop a second transportable microreactor under Project Pele, granting X-energy a contract option to advance the design of its mobile advanced nuclear…
‘Incredible Milestone’ Reached on MARVEL Microreactor Enables Project to Proceed
The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) MARVEL microreactor achieved 90% final design, a key step that will allow the project to move forward with preparation for fabrication and construction. “This…
Bipartisan Support Makes Backing Nuclear Power an Administration-Proof Investment
Maria Korsnick, president and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the policy organization of the nuclear technologies industry, suggested a bipartisan majority in Congress recognizes the importance of nuclear…
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UK Shortlists Six Nuclear Designs in SMR Competition, Intends to Award Contract by Summer 2024
Six nuclear designs will advance to the next phase of the UK’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) competition, a fast-track measure that could result in a government contract within the next…
10 New Reactors Discussed as Sweden Looks to Expand Nuclear Power
Sweden has joined the growing list of countries discussing nuclear power as part of a strategy to produce more electricity while also decarbonizing power generation. Lawmakers in June adopted new targets as
NuScale Gets a Win with SMRs for Data Centers in Ohio and Pennsylvania
Standard Power, a provider of infrastructure as a service to advanced data processing companies, has chosen NuScale Power’s small modular reactor (SMR) technology to power two facilities it plans to…
Nuclear Power Is Making a Comeback: What Will It Take to See Meaningful Growth?
There are many reasons for the nuclear power industry to feel optimistic about the future. For example, the entry of Vogtle Unit 3 into commercial operation on July 31 was a significant milestone and one worth
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Key nuclear modeling and simulation software releases new version
Idaho National Laboratory has released the latest version of RELAP5-3D, a versatile modeling and simulation tool that predicts complex phenomena happening inside a nuclear reactor. This update is the first RELAP5-3D code release in five years.”
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Time to Level the Playing Field and Work Together Towards Net Zero
Four years ago, when the first IAEA Conference on Climate Change and the Role of Nuclear Power took place, the world was in a different place. Nuclear power, by and large, was still struggling for a place at the table at the world’s most important discussions on energy production and climate change. Today, the outlook for nuclear power is brighter, and nuclear power has…
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