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Supreme Court Limits EPA Authority to Regulate Power Plant Emissions
The U.S. Supreme Court has curbed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) options for limiting emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) from power plants, an important environmental decision that could impact the…
Germany Set to Increase Coal-Fired Generation in Face of Gas Crunch
A leading German economic official said the country must increase the burning of coal for power generation and reduce its use of natural gas to avoid an energy crisis later…
Plant Bowen Will Showcase Largest Coal Ash Beneficial Use Project in the U.S.
Georgia Power will harvest 9 million tons of coal ash landfilled at its 3.4-GW Plant Bowen station in Bartow County, Georgia, and beneficially use it in concrete for major regional…
Essential Prep and Closeout of Demolition Projects—What Power Plant Owners Need to Know
Industrial demolition projects of any scale are complex undertakings that require much more than just knocking things down and cleaning them up. Quite the opposite, in fact. Demolition, including of a retired
Harnessing Cooling Tower Plumes to Provide Purified Water
A novel technology that is surprisingly simple in principle promises to significantly reduce water consumption in evaporative cooling tower systems by capturing water from cooling tower plumes.  Sonal Patel
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Keeping Coal Relevant: University of Wyoming Leads the Way
To say the coal industry faces challenges is an understatement. Coal-fired power plants are being retired around the globe as efforts to decarbonize the world’s power supply have intensified due…
Beware of Hissing Feedwater Heaters That Can Bite Your Bottom Line
Small problems can lead to large impacts on a long-term basis. Heat rate surveys, improved instrumentation, and utilizing real-time monitoring and diagnostics can help recover plant efficiency and save money
Addressing the Challenges Presented by a Retiring Utility Workforce
POWER magazine has always held a special place in my heart. After my father left the Navy, he became a power engineer and a loyal subscriber to the magazine. As…
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Leveraging Digital Confined Space Technologies to Mitigate the Growing Labor Shortage
It’s becoming harder and harder for managers to find the skilled labor needed to operate and maintain power plants. That’s why utilizing technology to enhance safety and efficiency is so important. Digital
Industry Press Releases
‘Wyoming Innovation Center’— a Testbed for Sustainable Coal Products — Officially Opens

MISO’s Forward View of the Value Proposition projects increasing regional benefits from MISO membership

KPA Launches New, Configurable Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management System

CAMS Awarded O&M Services Contract for Hallador Energy’s Merom Generating Station

Enjoy Heavy-Duty Power, Durability, and Productivity from Ingersoll Rand 2955 Series Impact Wrench

Rotork extends the versatile CK range of actuators by launching a part-turn option

ABB technology to be used in world’s first open CO2 transport and storage infrastructure

Climeworks Breaks Ground on New Carbon Capture Facility in Iceland

The Master Lock Company Showcases Electrical Safety & Arc Flash Services at ASSP Safety 2022 Conference

Swagelok Company Celebrates 75th Anniversary

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