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2022 Set a Global Record for Coal Generation
The recent shake-up in natural gas markets and their ensuing impact on energy security, and geopolitical tension, dramatically altered the trajectory of global coal-fired generation, sending it soaring to
Group Says China Will Add 70 GW of Coal- and Gas-Fired Generation in 2023
A lobbying group for China’s power generation sector said the country will add about 70 GW of fossil fuel-powered capacity this year, even as renewable energy is set to provide…
EPA Moves to Deny Coal Ash Disposal at Six Massive Coal Power Plants 
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed barring six coal-fired power plants in various states—a combined 11 GW—from disposing coal ash into unlined surface impoundments. The agency, however, also proposed…
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Are We Headed for a Reliability Train Wreck?
So far, utilities have announced plans to retire some 93,000 MW (nameplate) of coal—almost half the existing coal fleet—by the end of this decade. Coal retirements combined with increasing penetration of
Japan’s Largest Power Generator Signs Deals in Pursuit of Ammonia for Coal Power Plant Co-Firing Project
JERA Co. Inc., Japan’s largest power generation company, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) “for potential collaboration for the joint project development and sales & purchase of…
140 Workers Cut Permanently with Sammis Coal Plant Closure
Workers at the W.H. Sammis coal-fired power plant have been notified that a mass layoff will begin “sometime between March 14, 2023, and April 14, 2023.” The announcement was made…
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Texas Utility Will Close Remaining Coal-Fired Units
The largest municipally-owned electric and gas utility in the U.S. will close its remaining coal-fired power units by 2030. The board of trustees for San Antonio, Texas-based CPS Energy on…
Major Energy Storage Project Sited at Former Australian Coal-Fired Plant
The Australian affiliate of energy giant Shell said it has acquired the development rights for a major battery energy storage project in that country. The new facility is at a…
Carbon Capture: Perspectives on the State of Affairs
Carbon capture is an important means of addressing worldwide greenhouse gas levels, but where are we in terms of implementation? Carbon capture will play a key role in decarbonization plans for businesses
Capturing the Opportunity: A Look at Carbon Capture and Utilization
An important part of the global effort to curb emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) is development of technologies to capture CO2, to design ways to store it, and to find beneficial ways to use it. Addressing
Industry Press Releases
Alleviating Control Valve Erosion Crucial to Power Plant Uptime

Building better catalysts to close the carbon dioxide loop

Valmet to convert two coal-fired boilers to enable biomass combustion for Veolia Group’s subsidiary in Hungary

Carhartt Empowers Women in the Skilled Trades with Call for Spring 2023 “For the Love of Labor” Grant Applications

Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF) receives grant funding for three projects, serving in advisory role for five additional grants

Bangladesh leans towards coal-based power as renewables development faces challenges, says GlobalData

MISO’s CEO to Lead Two International Energy Industry Associations in 2023

Former power station equipment to be sold to support circular economy
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