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India Commissions First Supercritical Coal Plant Equipped with Air-Cooled Condenser
NTPC, India’s largest energy conglomerate and its largest coal generator, in March commissioned the country’s first supercritical coal-fired plant equipped with an air-cooled condenser (ACC). The effort
New Coal-Fired Unit Operating at Zimbabwe's Largest Thermal Power Plant
The first of two 300-MW units being built as part of the expansion of a coal-fired generating station in Zimbabwe has come online. The Zimbabwe Power Co. (ZPC) said the…
EPA Projects Final ‘Good Neighbor Plan’ Will Result in 14 GW of Coal Retirements
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued the final “Good Neighbor Plan,” its latest iteration of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) that could require coal, oil, or…
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China Approves 106 GW of New Coal-Fired Capacity
A new report from a two global energy research groups found that China last year approved its most new coal-fired power generation projects since 2015. The report from the Center…
EPA Rolls Out More Stringent Effluent Limitations Guidelines for Coal Power Plants
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing more stringent discharge standards for three types of coal power plant wastewater as part of an update to its Effluent Limitations Guidelines (ELGs).…
Marnie Surfaceblow: Even Minor Alarms Can Lead to Major Safety Improvements
When investigating any potential problem, keep your eyes and your mind open to other possible dangers. “I am starting to wonder if you accepted this assignment because of … that,” stated Maya Sharma
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Help Wanted: Retirements and the Energy Transition Lead to Job Openings in the Power Industry
It seems like industry insiders have been lamenting the aging power workforce for decades. Yet, there is still a large percentage of workers in the current workforce that are retirement…
Considerations for Automatic Filtration of Cooling Tower Water Systems
Waste reduction and process efficiencies are key for companies wanting smoother operations. As various industries, including power generation, seek ways to improve operational efficiency, cooling water
Industry Press Releases
America’s Power Statement on EPA’s Ozone Transport Rule

Wood has worked on more than half of the world’s carbon capture & storage projects

PJM Paper Adds to Reliability Warnings

Ohio University awarded $2 million from Department of Energy to develop products from coal waste

Chevron Refreshes and Optimizes Grease Product Line

Ingersoll Rand® 2922 Series Pneumatic Impact Wrenches Combine Power, Durability, Savings

American Welding Society Celebrates National Welding Month
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