GAS POWER Direct [June 14, 2017]

SCE, GE Debut Battery-Gas Turbine Hybrid System

Southern California Edison (SCE) put online the world’s first battery–gas turbine hybrid system on March 30 in Norwalk, Calif., pioneering a new direction in the way power could be generated and stored

Proposed Wisconsin Gas-Fired Plant Would Aid Utilities' Renewable Initiatives

Minnesota Power and Wisconsin’s Dairyland Power Cooperative announced plans to co-develop a combined cycle natural gas–fired power plant, a 550-MW facility designed to provide backup power for the utilities’ efforts…

Validation Wraps Up for GE, Ansaldo Gas Turbines

In May, GE’s Power Services and Ansaldo Energia separately completed initial validation of two gas turbines designed for high efficiency and flexibility: the 9EMax and the GT36. GE also announced first fire

Kemper, Now Slated to Start in Late June, Will Need Costly Post In-Service Improvement Projects

Mississippi Power’s Kemper County integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) project is now expected to be in service by the end of June, but the company expects it will need post in-service…

KCP&L Will Retire Five Coal-Fired Units and One Unit Recently Converted to Gas

Kansas City Power & Light Co. (KCP&L) plans to retire five coal-fired generating units at two stations by the end of next year. It will also close, by December 31,…

Borescope Inspection Saves Time and Money for Gas Turbine Plant

Inspecting the internal condition of a turbine generator is an important maintenance activity, but tearing a unit apart is a long and expensive process. Borescope inspections offer one way to minimize work

Power Market Operators and Participants See a Glimmer of Optimism in Current Chaos

The conversation at the ELECTRIC POWER Conference and Exhibition, as underscored by comments made in its keynote address and at the annual event’s executive roundtable, was optimistic yet cautious, owing to