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GE, Toshiba Join to Support Japan's Offshore Wind Sector
A Japanese news service said General Electric (GE) will join with Toshiba to establish a supply chain for equipment that would support Japan’s offshore wind power industry. Nikkei, a Tokyo-based…
Saudi Group Set to Build 10-GW Wind Farm in Egypt
Egypt’s support for renewable energy has received another boost, with ACWA Power and Egyptian officials on July 17 signing an agreement to allocate land for a 10-GW wind power project.…
First Solar, Israeli Group Announce Major Solar Equipment Deal
Global solar power equipment provider First Solar announced a massive deal with Israel-based Energix Renewables, an agreement in which First Solar will deliver more than 5 GW of ultra-low carbon…
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First Phase of 100-GW China Hydro/Solar Project Enters Service
Chinese officials on June 25 said the first phase of what is considered the world’s largest combined hydro and solar power plant has entered commercial operation. The Kela hydro/solar plant,…
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July 26 Webinar: Clearing the Air

Join us next Wednesday, July 26 at 10 AM ET for a live webinar hosted by GE Digital! Learn how next-generation models using AI/ML offer greater accuracy in predictions and improve productivity across the workflow. Listen in with Aaron Larson, Executive Editor of POWER, and Daniel Hynum, Senior Product Manager, for Q&A on how GE Digital’s new Fleet Orchestration software offers real-time visibility to generation and capacity predictions and unit commitment optimization. 

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Emerging Risks in Renewable Energy: A Brief Overview of Solar, Wind, BESS, and Hydro Trends in Latin America
Renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind, hydro, and battery energy storage systems (BESS), are at the forefront of the global energy transition. The U.S. and Latin America (LATAM) are witnessing…
Amazon, AES Partner on First Utility-Scale Wind Farm in Mississippi
Amazon, the online retailer with a goal of powering its operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025, on July 7 announced a project that would be the first utility-scale wind…
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Clean Energy Transition Continues Despite Reliability, Supply Chain, and Financial Uncertainty
Although there is a risk of energy shortfalls in parts of the U.S. if extreme summer temperatures materialize, there is no stopping the clean energy transition that is sweeping the nation. Energy storage
Space Solar Power Prototype Beams First Power to Earth
California Institute of Technology’s (Caltech’s) first space-borne prototype launched into orbit has demonstrated the ability to wirelessly transmit power in space and beam detectable power to Earth. The
Interconnection Constraints Threaten Success of Clean Energy Projects
Power projects are filled with risk. One of the biggest risks today for clean energy developers involves interconnection constraints. And according to Sarp Ozkan, vice president of Commercial Product at
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