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Three Coal-Heavy Utilities Team Up on New Gas-Fired Power Plant
Bismarck, North Dakota-based Basin Electric Power Cooperative will join Dairyland Power Cooperative and ALLETE Inc. as co-owners of the planned Nemadji Trail Energy Center (NTEC), a combined cycle natural gas…
Terrestrial Energy Launches 390-MW Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor Design
Terrestrial Energy has unveiled an upgraded 390-MWe design of its Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR) power plant to meet utility requirements and boost its cost-competitiveness as part of an effort…
Experimental Advanced Fuel Rods Loaded in Russian Nuclear Reactor
The first Russian-made nuclear reactor fuel bundles with experimental ATF (Advanced Technology Fuel) rods have been loaded into Unit 2 at the Rostov nuclear power plant (NPP) in southwest Russia.…
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Step 1 in Digital Transformation: Requirements Management

Energy & Utility businesses want to achieve Digital Lifecycle Excellence to prepare themselves for future success but are unsure what a logical first step might be.

An Integrated Requirements Management approach deploys quickly, provides a rapid time-to-value, and is a cost-effective way to give your project team a considerable advantage on their next project.

Download our latest eBook to read more about how converting your project teams from document-centric work processes to data-driven execution will help them to:

  • Streamline communications between customers and the supply chain
  • Use impact analysis to understand the effect of requirement and specification changes before they're agreed to, and
  • Digitalize the most time-consuming parts of your bid & tender processes

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China Grappling with Another Crippling Power Crunch 
China’s tightening coal supplies, more stringent energy intensity and environmental restrictions, and soaring industrial power demand have triggered another widespread power crisis. Blackouts and brownouts have reportedly afflicted numerous provincial…
Former SpaceX Engineer Driving New Battery Technology
An executive and entrepreneur who designed battery packs for SpaceX has partnered with a leader of India's transportation industry in a venture designed to improve the lifecycle of lithium-ion batteries,…
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Nuclear Is the Bastion of Pennsylvania’s Newest Climate Action Plan
Pennsylvania, a major power producer that relied on fossil fuels for 66% of its net power generation in June, plans to maintain its nuclear generation at current levels until it…
Distributed Energy Platforms a Key for Sustainable Power
The energy industry has been going through a revolution, and more and more businesses are looking to transition from non-renewable fossil fuel energy sources such as coal and oil to…
Improving Power Plant Efficiency with Nanocomposite Surface Treatments
There is no doubt that the energy industry is moving toward decarbonization and renewable sources. But, despite the $2.7 trillion spent on renewables over the past decade, that future is…
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Industry Press Releases
Siemens Energy’s HL-class technology enables Greece to reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment

Mitsubishi Power’s TOMONI Intelligent Digital Solutions Adopted for Unit 1 of the Joetsu Thermal Power Station in Niigata Prefecture

Intermountain Healthcare Going Solar with Major Renewable Energy Project in Utah

Texas Solar Project Will Serve Large Steel Producer

Valmet to deliver district heating automation to Energie AG in Austria

Oscilla Power To Deploy Triton-C Wave Energy System in Hawaii

Burns & McDonnell and Librestream Partner to Implement Collaboration Platform Supporting Critical Infrastructure Workforces

Tigo Energy Launches Residential Inverter and Battery Storage Solution Under the Energy Intelligence Brand

AltaRock Energy Initiates Development of First SuperHot Rock Geothermal Resource

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