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Researchers Say SMRs Will Produce More Waste Than Large Nuclear Reactors, NuScale Disputes Claim
Findings from research led by a team that included a former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) chairperson and experts from Stanford University suggests small modular reactors (SMRs) will generate more…
Much-Watched Reciprocating Engine Hydrogen Pilot Kicks Off at Michigan Power Plant
A landmark project to test fuel blends of up to 25% volume of hydrogen mixed with natural gas in reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICEs) has launched at WEC Energy Group’s…
India Plans to Reduce Coal-Fired Generation, and Mine More Coal
India’s Power Ministry, despite the country facing shortages of electricity in recent years and as recently as the past month, said it plans to reduce the amount of power generation…
California Drought Could Severely Limit Hydropower This Summer
Drought in California could nearly halve the state’s hydroelectric generation this summer, pushing up wholesale power prices in the West, and forcing the state to rely on natural gas generation…
France’s NUWARD SMR Will Be Test Case for European Early Joint Nuclear Regulatory Review
The French Safety Authority (ASN), the Czech State Office for Nuclear Safety (SUJB), and Finland’s Radiation and Nuclear safety Authority (STUK) have picked France’s NUWARD small modular reactor (SMR) design as a…
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Palisades Nuclear Power Plant Closes After 50 Years of Operation, Employees Leave with Pride
After more than 50 years of operation, the Palisades nuclear power plant was taken offline for the final time on May 20. The station was scheduled to be permanently shut…
Morocco Project Could Support UK’s Renewable Goals, Hydrogen Economy
A project to bring solar and wind energy from a 10.5-GW project in Morocco to the UK will feature what is likely the world’s longest subsea, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cables. The importation of
Nuclear, Hydrogen, CCUS Part of at Least 42 Country Ambitions
At least 42 nationally determined contributions (NDCs) submitted under the Paris Agreement as of December 2021 indicate governments plan to utilize carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen and ammonia, and
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Security of Cyber-Physical Systems
“Cyber-physical systems” are the next generation of closely integrated physical and cyber systems. Several critical systems such as the power grid, autonomous transportation systems, and process control systems are examples…
The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Energy Trilemma
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is arriving in a most timely manner to help resolve the world’s energy trilemma—the transition to net-zero, energy security, and energy affordability. For many years, the…
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Industry Press Releases
Duke Energy One, L3Harris offer new operational solution for nuclear power plants

Rolls-Royce to deliver 70 mtu engines to support semiconductor industry in China

Worsening energy crisis is a major opportunity for investors

ENGIE and Google Cloud join forces to accelerate wind energy development with advanced data management and artificial intelligence

CIRCOR Highlights Pumps and Valves for the Hydrogen Economy

Wärtsilä in U.S. customer collaboration to test hydrogen blended fuel as a step towards decarbonized power plant operations

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