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Hydrogen Production, SMRs Touted for Virginia Data Center Hub
Two companies supporting different technologies in the energy sector have formed a joint venture to develop an industrial park in Virginia that could feature data centers powered by hydrogen gas…
J-Class Gas Turbines Arrive at IPP Renewed, Milestone for Giant Utah Cavern Hydrogen Hub Project
Mitsubishi Power has delivered two M501JAC gas turbines to Intermountain Power Project (IPP) Renewed in Delta, Utah, a power plant that will source hydrogen when it begins operation in 2025…
Hydrogen Offers a ‘Multi-Billion-Dollar Opportunity’ This Decade for Innovative Companies
Hydrogen demand throughout the world reached 94 million metric tons in 2021, according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) Global Hydrogen Review 2022, an annual report issued by the IEA…
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Hydrogen Pilot Validates Fuel-Blending Projects
The successful test of blending hydrogen with natural gas at a power plant in Michigan can be a model for the power generation industry. The use of hydrogen to fuel power generation is on the rise, with
FERC Adopts ‘Historic’ Reforms to Ease Nationwide Generation Interconnection Backlog
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has approved key transmission reforms aimed at clearing a staggering backlog of more than 10,000 generation and storage projects—more than 2,000 GW—stalled in interconnection…
Making Green Hydrogen's Potential Come True
Electric utilities are looking to green hydrogen as a tool to help alleviate over-congested grids and renewable energy curtailment. But what makes hydrogen “green?” The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will…
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How the 'Great Resignation' and Disengagement Are Affecting the Power Industry
The “Great Resignation” is a term used to describe a widespread trend that took shape over the past few years of employees voluntarily changing jobs in large numbers. The phenomenon gained traction during…
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