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ERCOT Program Cut Natural Gas Supply During Winter Storm
A program designed to save power during periods of high electricity demand actually cut off some of Texas' natural gas supply to customers during the severe winter storm that caused…
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Stop waiting for Varnish to build up downtime

Many reliability engineers see varnish buildup as a way of life that can only be addressed after operating problems occur. Varnish-related issues can arise quickly, and when they do, the extra costs associated with fixing them have a similar trajectory. More than ever, reliability engineers need to recognize varnish as a problem that can only be solved cost-effectively before it becomes one. And that means finding a proactive solution to the problem—one that starts with careful system preparation for a properly chosen turbine oil that can help prevent varnish from forming in the first place.

Get proactive about varnish

Rediscovering Fire: Advancements in Gas Turbine Combustion
Gas power market drivers and a quest for relevance in future decarbonized systems are driving fundamental shifts in gas turbine combustion design approaches. Combustion lies at the heart of gas turbine
$8 Billion Proposals Could Bring New Gas-Fired Plants to Texas
An energy investment group told Texas regulators the company has a plan to help solve some of that state's electricity reliability issues, proposing a plan similar to one put forth…
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The Natural Gas Flame Continues to Burn Bright
The natural gas sector is well aware of the challenges facing the fossil fuel industry, but analysts say gas has attributes that will keep it a big part of the U.S. and global energy mix. Natural gas has moved
Renewable Natural Gas Emerging as Serious Decarbonized Gas Contender
Last December, two giant Virginia-headquartered firms—energy company Dominion Energy and food manufacturer Smithfield Foods—announced completion of a novel renewable natural gas (RNG) facility in Milford
8 Rivers Unveils 560 MW of Allam Cycle Gas-Fired Projects for Colorado, Illinois
8 Rivers Capital, inventor of a novel supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) cycle, plans to begin operating a 280-MW NET Power natural gas–fired plant within the Southern Ute Indian Reservation in…
Carbon-Neutral Blue Hydrogen Can Be More Than a Bridge in a Transformed Hydrogen Economy
Many advocates for a hydrogen economy believe “green” hydrogen, which is produced through electrolysis using renewable energy, will eliminate the need to curtail wind and solar generation. However, there
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Siemens Energy to supply F-class gas turbine to new power plant in Côte d’Ivoire

Chesterton Releases Cloud-Based Monitoring and Analytics Platform for Rotating Equipment

GE Successfully Executed Services Works during COVID-19 Pandemic, Helping Secure Power Availability at Songas Ltd.’s Ubungo Power Plant in Tanzania

DOE Announces Up to $8.25 Billion in Loans to Enhance Electrical Transmission Nationwide

Siemens Energy seals largest order for SF6-free gas-insulated switchgear in Europe

Petro-Canada Lubricants SENTRON SP 30 launches, a first-of-its-kind stationary gas engine oil
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