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Process Control Strategies for Reducing the Minimum Load of Fossil-Fired Plants
Recent Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) research aims to better understand the potential of process control enhancements, such as load control, sliding pressure control, and steam temperature control…
How (and Why) Using DVR Modeling Will Improve Power Plant Performance
The power industry has been reliant on traditional monitoring methodologies for years, but there’s a new method that promises better results: Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR) modeling. It provides a way…
DOE Earmarks $109.5 Million to Support Coal Workers
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) said it will provide $109.5 million in funding for projects that directly support job creation in communities impacted by the energy transition, particularly for…
Heavy Push by Industry, Biden Administration to Jumpstart Transmission Expansion, Grid Modernization
Bolstering the Biden administration’s recently announced initiatives to modernize the nation’s grid and improve its resilience, the Department of Energy (DOE) on April 27 made up to $8.25 billion in…
Coal-Fired Power Station Provides Natural Ecological Environment for Fireflies and Birds
In the 1980s, Taiwan’s economy grew rapidly and its demand for electricity surged. New power plants were urgently needed. In order to reduce transportation costs of imported coal and to promote economic…
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Key Pre-Demolition Considerations for Fossil Fuel Power Plants
As the existing electric generation infrastructure matures, electric generation system owners are looking to the future for newer and greener technologies to meet the demands of electric consumption. An important part…
Custom Lift Safely Elevates Coal Ash Conveyor in Tight Space
A Midwestern power plant faced a logistical challenge when it came time to replace its coal ash conveyor. The new conveyor was 110 feet long and weighed a hefty 138 tons—and it needed to be lifted 10 feet…
India Cites 'Cheaper' Coal in Planning New Units
A draft copy of a document outlining India's latest National Electricity Policy (NEP) reportedly shows the country is considering building new coal-fired generation capacity, even as it sets new carbon…
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Are Model and Field Liquid Collection Efficiency the Same? No.
“Because droplet trajectories and deposition patterns cannot be modeled simultaneously with the liquid-film motion, physical-flow models cannot be used to accurately determine the collection efficiency of…
3 Ways Remote Assistance Can Limit Power Downtime
Innovation and power generation have always gone hand in hand. For almost 140 years, the industry has evolved through a steady stream of emerging technologies, shifting policies, infrastructure investments, and…
Japan Pulls Back from Coal, Though New Plants Move Forward
Japanese financial institutions and energy companies continue to move away from supporting coal-fired power generation, as the country’s leadership reiterates what it says is an “unwavering resolve to…
Industry Press Releases
POWER magazine and Chemical Engineering magazine announce Eastman Chemical as the Host Chemical Process Industries (CPI) Sponsor for the 5th annual Connected Plant Conference

United Conveyor Corporation Acquires North American Bottom Ash Material Handling Offerings from GE Steam Power

Charah Solutions Awarded Fly Ash Sales and Operations Contract Extension from Luminant Through 2027

Enerpac Introduces Safe T™ Torque Checker For Simple & Accurate Measurement of Torque Output

Conco Services LLC Achieves Zero Recordable Incidents Two Years Consecutively and Names New Safety Director

Shannon’s new hydrophobic insulation blanket reduces risk of CUI, boosts safety

Neles has delivered its first valve with 3D printed valve body for field testing

TILEMANN has record turnover with Chains for Semi-Portal Reclaimer
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