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UK Restarts Coal-Fired Units as Temperatures, Power Demand Rise
Temperatures in the UK recently soared into the high 80s, increasing demand for cooling across Britain and prompting energy company National Grid to call for a restart of…
UK Won't Keep Contingency Coal-Fired Units Online
The UK’s national grid operator has said that the country will not utilize coal-fired power generation even if needed this coming winter, issuing a statement that said…
ERCOT’s Energy Emergency Risk Has Shifted from Late Afternoon to Early Evening
Modeling from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) suggests an 11% probability of having a load shed issue on a peak day this summer, an official said during a…
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A Long Time Coming: Rawhide Unit 1 Is Coal Users' Group Plant of the Year
After years of upgrade and retrofit projects, and a keen focus on safety and continuous improvement, the Coal Users’ Group board of directors selected Platte River Power Authority’s Rawhide Unit 1 as the
Siemens Energy Investigating Dark Web Ransomware Claim
Siemens Energy and Schneider Electric, two industrial control system (ICS) vendors for critical infrastructure industries, have been reportedly listed as ransomware victims by cybercrime gang CL0P, though any targeted attacks…
Four Ways to Protect the Energy Sector from Cybersecurity Threats
It’s been two years since the historic Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack shut down one of the largest and most vital oil pipelines in the U.S. While this hasn’t been the…
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Clean Energy Transition Continues Despite Reliability, Supply Chain, and Financial Uncertainty
Although there is a risk of energy shortfalls in parts of the U.S. if extreme summer temperatures materialize, there is no stopping the clean energy transition that is sweeping the nation. Energy storage
Digitalization Is Now a Power Sector Imperative: Takeaways from Connected Plant Conference 2023
Digitalization is now so firmly embedded in the power sector that if participants haven’t yet begun their digital journey, they’ve inherently fallen behind. That was a message repeated at the…
Marnie Surfaceblow: High Anxiety at Low Loads
Ultra-low loads may be necessary for large coal plant survival, but they represent uncharted territory for operations and maintenance staff. Stay informed on the latest trends for success and expect the
Dynamic Innovators: 2023 Connected Plant 'Game Changers' 
Along with technology and process, this year’s Connected Plant Conference (CPC) spotlights the people driving digitalization, the holistic transformation of business models and operations into a more connected, data-driven, versatile, and…
What We’re Watching
NETL May Expand BIL-Funded Feed Studies for CO2 Transport
Program May Expand CO2 Transport FEED Studies To Include Additional Modes of Transport Such as Rail, Truck, Barge and Ship.
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America’s Power Statement on the House Environment Subcommittee Hearing on “Clean Power Plan 2.0: EPA’s Latest Attack on America’s Electric Reliability”
America’s Power President and CEO Michelle Bloodworth issued the following statement …
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