White Paper

Improved Plant Performance and Reduced CO2 Emission Through State-of-the-Art Condenser Cleaning and Air In-leakage Detection

Efficient condenser operation is critical to minimizing the operating costs and improving the performance of a turbogenerator unit or power plant. Efficient condenser performance is recognized by an improvement in heat rate and generation capacity, less fuel is consumed and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions can be achieved.

Condenser tube fouling, fouled external surfaces of Air- Cooled Condensers (ACC) and condenser air-inleakage have been found to have a significant impact on condenser performance and subsequently plant performance. State-of-the-Art technologies have been developed to effectively remove fouling and deposits from condenser tubes, finned external surfaces of ACC’s and to identify the location of air and water in-leakage into the condenser, providing a longer useful life cycle. In addition, application of these technologies results in improved condenser backpressure, a decrease in plant heat rate and a decrease in yearly fuel consumption.

Overall, plant performance is improved and CO2 emissions are reduced. Technology and cases are presented.