White Paper

Enhancing Combustion Turbine Capabilities for 21st Century Power Markets

Learn How to Enhance Combustion Turbines to Profits Under New Market Rules

CTs are the modern fossil fuel workhorse
Combustion turbines (CTs) have become the stars of most utility generation fleets. They are cleaner and faster to respond than their coal-fired counterparts and have been the technology of choice for new assets over the last 20 years.

Are your CTs Renewable Ready?
However, the increase in generation from renewable assets has created additional opportunities for CTs. Renewable sources variable output can be nearly instantaneous, creating new demands for system operators. One reflection of this new need is the emergence of 5 minute dispatch in the energy markets.

A Modern, Modular Solution is Required
This article presents a technology engineered to equip existing CTs with rapid response capability while reclaiming capacity currently unattainable due to the ambient operating temperatures or altitude of the CTs’ site.