Welcome to our new format for COAL POWER, brought to you by the editors of POWER magazine. This new web site and “webzine” contains in-depth information specifically for the coal-fired power generation market. Here at coalpowermag.com you’ll find technical stories, blogs, analysis, opinion pieces, news stories, and searchable archives.

COAL POWER started as a quarterly print magazine in the fall of 2005, but global demand for more information on coal-fired generation forced us to develop more content and find a better way to distribute that material around the world. That led to a bimonthly digital magazine.

This latest iteration of COAL POWER provides everything you’ve come to expect and then some. The webzine format allows the editorial team to post stories as they become available and allows you, our readers, to access content at any time—not just bimonthly. This new site also provides you with more opportunity to respond to and comment on material posted.

As a result of this shift, we are discontinuing our use of the digital format previously provided through Texterity. However, you’ll find all the stories originally published in that format converted to web pages on our online archive on this site.

To make sure you don’t miss catching the big stories, we’ll send you an e-mail newsletter, every two months to make you aware of recently posted content. (If you know someone else who would like to get these updates, email them this page. They’ll find a subscribe link at the top of the home page.)

We’re excited about this latest generation of COAL POWER, and we hope you are able make use of the timely content and functionality.

Now that we’ve increased the opportunity for interactivity, we hope to hear from you. Let us know what you think about this new information tool.