Available on demand until August 25, 2022


Distributed, decentralized energy sources have spawned residential, commercial, and industrial microgrids, many with their own green energy-generating assets (hydro, solar, wind, and battery). The task of managing and controlling these microgrids for reliability and efficiency has become extremely challenging due to the unpredictable nature of DERs. In this webinar, utilities, independent power producers, and microgrid developers will discover how to intelligently optimize and control microgrids using Veritone AI technology integrated with existing microgrid management systems. You’ll learn:

  • How predictive AI and dynamic modeling can be used to optimize energy dispatch across heterogenous microgrids
  • How power producers can use AI to increase power output by 20% or more while reducing electricity costs
  • How AI-based autonomous microgrids contribute to grid resiliency
  • Real-life examples of AI-controlled microgrids

Predictive control technology is here today to help you achieve consistent, cost-effective clean energy during normal operations and grid resilience in the face of the unexpected.

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