Available on demand until June 16, 2021


MD&A’s Steam Path Audit webinar describes the technical process of conducting a visual inspection of a steam turbine’s steam path for the purpose of identifying and quantifying deficiencies in thermal efficiency.  The results of the inspection are used to determine the root cause of efficiency degradation and to guide maintenance during an outage such that the return on maintenance dollars is maximized in terms of improved turbine cycle heat rate.

The 50-minute webinar discusses the process, scheduling, manpower, tools and results of a steam path audit with technical descriptions and examples. There is time at the end for questions.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What steam path deficiencies to look for during a turbine outage.
  • How to measure and calculate the power, heat rate and efficiency losses of each observed deficiency on a stage-by-stage basis.
  • How to translate the thermal losses into dollars paid for excess fuel costs due to the observed deficiencies.
  • How to determine the root cause of common deficiencies.
  • Several options for improving steam turbine performance during an outage.
  • How to rank the recommended maintenance while optimizing the ROI in terms of improved heat rate