How to Implement a High Energy Piping (HEP) Program To Prevent Catastrophic Damages and Minimize Unplanned Outages

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High Energy Piping (HEP) system failures can potentially lead to serious consequences for fossil and combined cycle power plants. Is your plant prepared?

Aging piping lines, corrosion, creep, and other factors can all cause HEP failures. Implementing a High Energy Piping inspection and monitoring program can help prevent high-temperature lines from disastrous ruptures. In addition to the serious safety hazards, these failures also lead to increased maintenance costs and extended unplanned outages.

Join our live web event and listen to HEP experts discuss the benefits of implementing an HEP program, including preventing high-consequence damages, maximizing operational uptime and safety, extending the intervals between inspections, making more informed run/repair/replace decisions, and more.

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