A “who’s doing what” addendum to "THE BIG PICTURE: Advanced Fission" in our November 2012 issue.

China: A 20-MW pool-type China Experimental Fast Reactor (CEFR) reached criticality in 2010 and was connected to the grid in July 2011.

European Union: The EU plans to first explore and build the French-developed prototype ASTRID, a sodium-cooled fast reactor under its Strategic Energy Technology Plan, and then a lead-cooled fast reactor prototype (ALFRED) and gas-cooled fast reactor prototype (ALLEGRO).

India: Construction is under way for a 500-MW Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR) at Kalpakkam. Commissioning is planned for early 2013.

Japan: Japan is developing a 1,500-MW Japan Sodium Cooled Fast Reactor (JSCFR) but is reevaluating continuation of its Fast Reactor Cycle Technology program post-Fukushima.

South Korea: Research and development continues for KALIMER, a 600-MW sodium-cooled fast reactor.

Russia: With the most powerful existing commercial fast reactor (BN-600) operating in Beloyarsk, construction of BN-800 continues, with completion slated for 2014. Russia is planning an advanced sodium-cooled fast reactor (BN-1200), lead-cooled BREST-OD-300, and the lead-bismuth eutectic-cooled SVBR-100.

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