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Seeing is Believing: Valley Forge SPC4 Animation
SPC4 Animation Valley Forge

SEEING IS BELIEVING A bolt that measures and displays its own tension? Meet SPC4 from Valley Forge & Bolt. Watch this video that shows in detail how it works and…

Bolt of Inspiration: Now There’s a Way to Add Bolt Integrity to Your Condition Monitoring System
SPC4 Reader Valley Forge

Like every industry, the power industry has had to do more with less in recent decades. This usually translates into fewer people on staff to maintain operations. Throughout the industry,…

Split the Difference: Load Indicating Fasteners Offer a Clear Advantage in Manufacture of Split Case Gas Compressors
Split Case Gas Compressor Valley Forge

It’s said that you can’t fight progress. Equally true is that some traditions never die. But sometimes, even an old tradition needs a little help from something new. That was…

Seal of Approval: Using Load Indicating Fasteners to Prevent Oil Refinery Leaks at Turnaround
SPC4 Meter Reading Valley Forge

Because oil refineries constantly have flammable and hazardous fluid coursing through a network of pipes, it’s imperative that all flanges and joints be tightly sealed. Not only are leaks expensive…

Winds of Change: Tension-based bolting is improving the reliability of offshore wind farms
Wind Farm Valley Forge

When installing offshore wind farms, it’s common to use hydraulic bolt tensioners to secure transition pieces to monopiles. However, verifying that proper tension has been achieved in each fastener remains…