Synthesizing Radial and Axial Ventilation

Rittal’s newly developed TopTherm fan-and-filter units use diagonal technology—an intelligent synthesis of radial and axial ventilation. When installed, it ensures far better air throughput for improved ventilation in enclosures and housings. The new fan technology is characterized by the fact that the air outlet direction is not, as it was previously, in the fan’s axial direction but instead diagonally to the outside. This favors an even distribution of air in the enclosure or housing and avoids the formation of hot spots. Other advantages are simple, tool-free assembly; ease of maintenance; and increased efficiency. To improve performance, several fan-and-filter units can be seamlessly bayed to one another without leaving any gaps. TopTherm fan-and-filter units are available in outputs ranging from 20 m3/h to 700 m3/h. There is also a choice of 24 V (DC) or 115 V, 230 V, and 400 V 3-phase (AC, 50/60 Hz) supply voltages. (

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