Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission (PSC) on Tuesday said it had authorized Wisconsin Power and Light Co. (WPL) to spend $150 million to install additional emissions reduction technology at Edgewater Generating Station Unit 5.

The decision allows the utility to build a selective catalytic reduction system as part of its efforts to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions at the 25-year-old coal plant in Sheboygan, Wis., to comply with Wisconsin’s Reasonably Available Control Technology requirements.

“Our emission control projects at Edgewater are an integral part of our company’s commitment to protecting the environment and providing both our current and future generations of customers with safe, reliable and environmentally responsible energy,” said Barbara Swan, WPL president. “We believe the SCR at Edgewater Unit 5 further demonstrates our commitment to the environment and the air quality around our plants.”

PSC members voted not to require the power plant to install other additional controls to address other kinds of air pollution, but said those controls could be required at a later date. The PSC also rejected calls from environmental groups that Alliant be required to shut down a 1951 coal-fired boiler at the facility.

WPL anticipates the SCR at Edgewater Unit 5 will be ready for commercial operation in late 2012.

Source: WPL