Leaking flange? Don’t shut down—contain it and divert it with the Xtreme Shell® manufactured by Andax Industries.

The Xtreme Shell ® is a rigid, two-piece shell designed to fully encapsulate a leaking flange, valve, manifold or leak point. The Xtreme Shell ® diverts the leak via a drain port and discharge line to a secure containment system—thus allowing you to mitigate an emergency and allow you to perform any required maintenance at your convenience, even if it’s a year later. Virtually eliminate the mess, danger of accidents, injuries, ground contamination and unsafe working condition around machines and walkways.

  • Simple, quick install
  • Reusable
  • Short or long-term solution
  • Indoor and outdoor use—UV resistant
  • Impact-resistant to -20° F
  • Easily handles fluid temperatures up to 200° F
  • Compatible with oil, petro-chemicals, paint, organic fluids and many other liquids

Have a remote location that you need to keep an eye on? No problem, add Leak Monitoring. Get text messages to track the contents of the barrel. Manage all of your Xtreme Shells ® online or on your Smart Phone.

Made in the USA to ANSI Pipe and Flange Standards and is designed for Class 150 pipe and flange containment.

The Xtreme Shell ® provides a cost-effective solution by virtually eliminating the costs of emergency shutdowns and repairs. It helps keep your facility safe and in compliance. For more information call 800-999-1358, email us at customerservice@andax.com or visit our website at www.andax.com.

Xtreme Shell
Xtreme Shell

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