Testimonials from Genset Manufacturers Reveal Reasons for Satisfaction

(CHESAPEAKE, Va.) – Dec. 12, 2016 – Generator manufacturers are increasingly turning to Volvo Penta as a preferred supplier of diesel engines. The reasons they give for choosing Volvo Penta in the highly competitive marketplace for industrial generators include reliability, fuel efficiency, application engineering support, serviceability, parts availability and competitive pricing.

Genset OEM customers in the Americas discuss their experience with Volvo Penta in the latest edition of Volvo Penta’s Proven Success publication.

“There is a consistent theme in all these stories, and that is ‘partnership’,” said Darren Tasker, vice president of industrial sales for Volvo Penta of the Americas. “Genset makers are looking for a true partner when it comes to an engine manufacturer. Volvo Penta is an independent engine supplier to the generator segment; our strategy is to not compete with our customers. We’re there for them every step of the way from initial product design to testing to installation to after-sale service and parts.”

Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. is a case in point. The Minnesota-based manufacturer is using the full range of Volvo Penta genset engines from 100-600KW in its diesel-powered gensets for primary power and standby applications. The company will sell and install more than 125 Volvo Penta-powered generator sets this year, about 20 percent of them EPA Tier 4 Final compliant. 

“As a manufacturer, we appreciate the support we have received from Volvo Penta in designing these engines into our products from the prototype phase to introduction into the market,” said Jim Kirtz, Blue Star Power Systems’ director of engineering. “Additionally, Volvo Penta’s after-sale support is second-to-none.”

Volvo Penta is Blue Star Power Systems’ primary supplier of Tier 4 Final diesel engines. A major reason is Volvo Penta’s SCR solution, which eliminates the need for periodic regeneration. Because the majority of their Tier 4 Final installations are for mission-critical standby applications, regeneration is not feasible. “Purchasing the engines and Tier 4 Final components as a complete system from Volvo Penta has ensured workability and offered reassurance that they have been tested and will perform in the harshest environment,” said Kirtz. 

CK Power is a leading manufacturer of power units and power generation solutions with a history dating back to 1929. The company packages Volvo Penta engines in its power units for heavy machines as well as its generator sets. Because many of CK Power’s applications are custom designs, they rely heavily on Volvo Penta’s extensive application engineering capabilities. “I like Volvo Penta’s engineers because they are willing to dig deeper to find a solution,” said Matt Rost, CK Power’s design engineer. “They really look at how they think the product will hold up once it’s in the application.”

CK Power uses Volvo Penta’s 13-liter Tier 4 Final engines extensively in their power units, and is increasingly getting interest in the new Tier 4 version of the tried and true TWD1643 Tier 2 product. “The TWD1643GE has been the most popular genset the last three years, but we are seeing interest now in the Tier 4 Final version, TWD1673GE. Volvo Penta did a tremendous job keeping the same radiator and mounting locations to make the transition simple for OEMs,” said Rost.

The Caribbean islands rely heavily on generators for prime power due to the frequent weather outages and fragile grid infrastructure. RK Power Generators, based in Puerto Rico, is the only company manufacturing Volvo Penta generator sets in the Caribbean, and sells about 200 of them each year. Ruben Aguilar, cofounder and general manager, said, “Because of the wide range of Volvo Penta engines we are able to use them in a lot of commercial and industrial settings, such as gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and water treatment plants. We are in love with the engineering behind these engines.” 

Aguilar and his team rely on support from Volvo Penta through their complete solution-based web platforms, which provide important information for all aspects of the business involving their engines, sales, marketing, engineering, branding, warranty, accounting, parts and service. “The online Volvo Penta Partner Network is a great tool where most answers can be found,” said Aguilar. “It’s just amazing.” RK supports their products with service and parts across the Caribbean from offices in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Tasker noted that the OEM partnership extends across the full lifespan of the products. The commonality of parts across the range of Volvo marine, industrial, construction, and truck engines – and Volvo’s parts distribution center location near the important air freight hub in Memphis, Tenn., – ensure rapid availability and delivery of parts to OEM customers and dealers. “We recognize that downtime is the enemy when it comes to mission-critical power generation systems, and we are committed to making sure they perform their job efficiently and reliably,” he said.

About Volvo Penta 

Volvo Penta, with 3,500 dealers in more than 130 countries, is a global manufacturer of engines for leisure boats and commercial vessels, as well as industrial applications. The propulsion program includes diesel and gasoline engines with power outputs between 10 and 900 horsepower. Volvo Penta is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks, buses and construction equipment.

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