SAN FRANCISO, CA — October 1, 2013 — URS Corporation has been awarded a contract by Indiana Environmental Partners (IEP) to engineer and furnish the SBS Injection technology for Indianapolis Power & Light Company’s (IPL) Petersburg Generating Station.
The proprietary technology for sulfur trioxide (SO3) control is offered by URS and licensed through Codan Development, LLC.  The process will be installed on all four coal-fired boilers at Petersburg totaling over 1800 MW of generating capacity, and will commence operation in late 2014. The Petersburg system will inject sorbent and remove SO3 prior to the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system and/or air preheater (APH) to enhance plant operational performance and reliability, enhance the capture and removal of mercury, and meet stringent sulfuric acid emission limits. URS will provide design, engineering, equipment procurement, and startup services for the project.
“The SBS injection technology is a necessary investment as IPL works towards complying with the new Utility Mercury and Air Toxic Standards.” said Kevin Crawford, IPL Senior Vice President of Regulated Generation.  “This technology will help reduce emissions dramatically in our coal-fired units and add to the many ways IPL is focusing on offering cleaner, more efficient power.”
When high-sulfur fuels are combusted, some of the sulfur is converted to SO3 in the stack gases.  Use of SCR technology to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions at power plants causes additional sulfur to be converted to SO3.  Reaction of the gaseous SO3 with water vapor from a wet scrubber or the atmosphere results in the generation of sulfuric acid mist, which contributes to the blue plume emitted from many power plants.   The presence of SO3 can also inhibit the adsorption and removal of mercury using activated carbon, a common mercury control technology for power plants.
The SBS Injection technology can remove greater than 95 percent of SO3 at low sorbent injection rates, thereby eliminating the visible sulfuric acid plumes that are often produced by coal-fired power plants.  In addition, the SBS Injection technology dramatically reduces corrosion and fouling of back-end equipment, improves the performance of other pollution controls technologies including mercury removal processes, and can improve overall plant energy efficiency, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
The first commercial application of the technology was installed by URS in 2003 at a power plant in Pennsylvania.  Subsequent systems have been installed in Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia.  The Petersburg application will be the 6th in Indiana and the 13th overall, increasing  the total installed capacity for the technology to over 16,000 MW.

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